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ISS Governance Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2022
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ISS Governance visited us for the first time, the eligibility for the registration was CGPA >7.0 and no live backlogs /ATKT. There were 6 JD and during ppt, they removed 2 of them both of them being database-related roles.

The online test was conducted on google forms on 10th August 2022, there were 3 sections in the google form Java, Python, and Quants. The duration of the test was 1hr 30mins.

Coding Round: In ppt, itself company mentioned that there would be 70 questions total, which will comprise 30 Java questions, 10 Python questions, and 30 quants questions.  Most of the java and python questions were on the OOPS concept and what will be the output. As I am a python developer so it was a bit difficult for me to answer java questions but with an understanding of the oops concept and some java concepts I was able to do all the questions. For quants, I would say the difficulty was between easy to medium there was verbal reasoning and some mathematical problems also. Please remember there was negative marking also for each incorrect answer we get -0.25 and for each correct answer we get 1 mark.

The result was declared after 2 hours and around 25 students were shortlisted for the interview process

Technical Interview: The interview were held on campus.

I was interviewed by 2 interviewers one of them was virtually connected with me from the UK and one was just sitting in front of me. Both of them decided to start the interview with the Java question which they had asked in the coding round, they wanted the approach from me as in how I arrived at the solution. As I mentioned in the interview that I am a python developer. So, the interviewer asked me some java questions which I was able to answer and after a few questions, he shifted to Python. He gave me 2 DSA questions which were based on strings and I was easily able to do both the questions. After some more OOPS questions, my interview ended and after 1 hour I got the call for an HR interview.

Suggestion to clear this round is that be honest and tell the interviewer that you are proficient in Python or Java or C++ just don’t hesitate. OOPS, the concept should be clear, and try some “What will be the output of the code” in java.

HR Interview: The HR interview was totally based on basic HR questions like, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years, DO you have any other study plans, and How will you rate yourself? What are your strengths and Weakness?

Verdict- Around 9 students got offers from ISS Governance.

Be confident and Best of Luck

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