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Is AI Really a Threat to Cybersecurity?

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It is true to say that the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI models are a blessing to the IT industry. It has very well connected humans and the natural environment with technology in such a way that no one has ever expected. Machines have got enough power to replace humans. All thanks to AI!!!


But, now the question arises is what is AI (Artificial Intelligence)? If it’s playing an important role in the IT sector then why it’s taking so much time to take over all the security management of the industry? Why do people consider it a threat? Is it really a threat?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The field of science that is mainly concerned with getting computers to Think, Learn, and Do – all these being performed without any human intelligence is termed Artificial Intelligence (AI). But, only training any computer just on the provided dataset and information and then asking that machine for a valid prediction is generally termed Machine Learning which is the initial phase of any Artificial Intelligent Model. 

A Machine learning model which learns from the data (also past experiences) has been provided. But, using that data when the model is capable of making its prediction whether it belongs to that data or not is termed an AI model. AI models have just upgraded Machine Learning models which after training learn from their mistakes and then backpropagate to rectify the data or the values that were responsible for that wrong prediction. This way the model keeps on learning from the predictions as well and also with the real-world data that it encounters during its further phases.

Just like a human learns to walk or talk just by failing multiple times in his attempts and then eventually becomes the expert in walking or talking. These models tend to become more mature and powerful over time as they keep on learning, keeps on making new conclusions, and guessing the future prediction. There is no doubt that it will take over the world one day as the calculations, the analysis that a machine can perform in a fraction of seconds will take years to get solved via a human.

What is the State of AI Now?

For the best analysis of this question, it’s best to just look around ourselves. We all can notice a drastic change and progress in our surroundings, who is responsible for this? It’s today’s technology, due to this Artificial Intelligence or AI-based machinery only now the productivity of every task has increased by multiple times, the goods are now available much quicker and reasonable rates anywhere over the world. From manufacturing to transportation to development and security every field has been flourished with the introduction of AI-themed products and appliances. But is also true that we humans have not even scratched the surface of AI till now, It still has a lot to discover. We have understood its importance, its use, and its demand, but we still can’t predict how much potential an AI model has. For now, large factories, machinery, robotic arms, and many more are controlled via AI. Today the whole world’s house is being automated using AI-based Siri and Alexa.

But truly speaking it’s not even 10% of what the AI model can serve us. Engineers are working on unlocking much more merits of the Artificial Intelligence model and as the termed machine will automatically become more intelligent and experienced over time. affecting every industry at a scale that a human can just have dreamed for.

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

If every industry is getting affected by this Artificial Intelligence, then their safety and security are also a major concern because if a model is getting educated for any industry it must be exploring through multiple past, present, and future planned data of that industry and therefore as a machine it’s well predicted that a machine will always have those data in its storage unit, not like humans who will forget any information as per the passage of time. So keeping the data secure and not letting that vital data to any wrong hand is a big responsibility. This is done very efficiently by Cybersecurity companies till now, but a blend of AI in this is also quite new and questionable as well. 

Cybersecurity companies use complex algorithms to train their AI models on how to detect viruses and malware so that AI can run its pattern recognition software and stop that. We can train AI to catch the smallest ever ransomware and isolate it from the system. Considering the strength and potential of AI models, what if AI leads our security system i.e fully automated, quick, and efficient. There will be no need for a passcode, an automatic face recognition system for whoever is entering the department, How about the system which can directly track which person is using the account and the location too, and all his biometrics just in one click, no cyberattacks, no data hacking. Won’t it be amazing? Yes, this is the future, but why not today?

Artificial Intelligence as a Threat

Till now Artificial Intelligence has served a lot in cybersecurity like in credit card fraud detection, spam filter, credit scoring, user authentication, and hacking incident forecasting. Even after serving this much in cybersecurity the role of AI is still limited in their field just because:

  1. Implementation of AI in cybersecurity will cost more power consumption, more skilled developers, proper server set up raising the expense of that company.
  2. If security is totally handed over to AI, there are chances that hackers introduce more skill models of AI resulting in a much more destructive hacking beyond anyone’s imagination causing a threat.
  3. Data provided to AI if altered or guided wrongly will result in false predictions of their models which will serve as a path to the hackers.
  4. Every AI model is provided with a large amount of data set to learn and then predict and that data can be helpful for hackers if they can retrieve the data provided to the model via any means.

Future of AI in Cybersecurity

For any country or even organization that matters, data is their real treasure, and no one can afford to lose it anyhow, as the max potential of AI is not defined, and no one can risk their security fully to Artificial Intelligence. Considering the future, yes, the world will be dominated via AI technology, But in a general sense, it can never take over Cybersecurity, as there is no finish line to AI learning skills. With time, it will keep on enhancing which can lead to a path for hackers bringing up more skilled and experienced AI models that will be leading the security. Though AI will be always an important part of Cybersecurity because without it, it won’t be able to keep up with the upcoming technologies for its prevention.

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Last Updated : 08 Apr, 2022
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