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Intuit Interview Experience for Summer Internship(Off-Campus) 2023

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Intuit generally hires through referrals or on-campus. There were basically 5 rounds:

  • Resume Short-listing (by intuit employees)
  • Online Assessment
  • Online Technical Interview first
  • Online Technical Interview second
  • Telephonic HR Interview

Resume Short-listing: This was done basically in two ways first some students got calls from HR to fill out the applications, and some gained a direct referral from employees. the timeline was the first week of February.

Online Assessment: After that, shortlisted candidates got the online assessment link (platform glider 11th Feb) there were basically 4 coding questions based on DSA and the level was up to the mark. (Leet code hard || code forces D level) for clearing this round we were supposed to make around 3 questions minimum.

Online Technical Interview 1: After the online assessment selected candidates got the interview call (platform zoom & glider, 45 minutes). there was a single interviewer (can expect 5-6 years experienced employee). this interview started with the introduction and then moved with the questions based on core subjects (OS, DBMS, CN, OOPS, STL). Basically, you need to have a more profound knowledge of core subjects, the interviewer might ask to design a database, join the tables, implement the relations, and more on real-life examples of how things work in OS.
then we moved with a coding question which was actually the problem statement based on the questions I was asked on core subjects, it was a hashing-based question. DSA topics you can focus till this round are maps, hashing, strings, and arrays.

Online Technical Interview 2: After clearing the first round there was a second interview call on the platform zoom + glider, 75 -90 minutes. This time there were two interviewers. The difficulty level increased, it starting with a deeper discussion on one of my projects, actually, they were more interested in the high-level design of my project, and the tech stacks I used. one should be aware of what a single line of code does in the project. One of the interviewers got an interest in the API created in my projects, a long & 2-way discussion with so many basics to advanced questions then we moved on to the core subjects, mainly operating systems, they asked me real-life examples, virtual memories, scheduling, threading, and discussion went deeper with every single answer I was giving. there were some questions from DBMS and oops, Java script (as I used in my project), DP, and BST. Then we moved with problem-solving I was asked a coding question it was based on Trie data structure I started with recursion and then optimized with a Trie-based solution and after that, I was asked one more question based on stack & string, they actually tell you to run the code so it’s quite important to think of all the edge cases.

Telephonic HR Interview: I didn’t have any idea about this round. HR called me and we had a discussion on the company, my interests, my performance in previous rounds, and what I expect from this internship and all. It was an evaluation round too which was taken to check how serious the candidate is about being part of the team. Then on the same call, I got to know that I have made it, I guess the important thing in this round was the self-confidence and eagerness to join the team they were looking for.

Tips: one should have a profound knowledge of core subjects and be proficient in problem-solving. These interviews were mainly about how we think at that instance even if we don’t know the answers and how we are approaching the solutions via taking some hints. Plus-Point is not to panic and show your strength while communicating with confidence, giving real-life examples and trying to make them understand what you are thinking at a particular instance while solving the problem.

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Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2023
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