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Intruders in Network Security

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2022
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Cyber Security is the branch of technology that deals with the security of using the internet. Technology is an essential part of today’s generation, it is hard to imagine our lives without technology. Thus, it is very essential that the technology we use in our daily lives is extremely secure and safe. Cyber technology is the branch of technology, that takes care of this need.

Importance of Cyber Security:

  • Protecting Identity: Cyber security ensures that individuals’ identity is protected and authenticity is maintained while using technology.
  • Maintaining Privacy: Cyber security caters to the requirement of information or content that is confidential is extremely secure. Users can trust the technology for use.
  • Securing Confidential Content: Sensitive information is the most vulnerable to security threats.  Attack on sensitive information such as bank information is most common and done for monetary frauds.

The most common threat to security is the attack by the intruder. Intruders are often referred to as hackers and are the most harmful factors contributing to the vulnerability of security. They have immense knowledge and an in-depth understanding of technology and security. Intruders breach the privacy of users and aim at stealing the confidential information of the users. The stolen information is then sold to third-party, which aim at misusing the information for their own personal or professional gains. 

Intruders are divided into three categories:

  • Masquerader: The category of individuals that are not authorized to use the system but still exploit user’s privacy and confidential information by possessing techniques that give them control over the system, such category of intruders is referred to as Masquerader. Masqueraders are outsiders and hence they don’t have direct access to the system, their aim is to attack unethically to steal data/ information.
  • Misfeasor: The category of individuals that are authorized to use the system, but misuse the granted access and privilege. These are individuals that take undue advantage of the permissions and access given to them, such category of intruders is referred to as Misfeasor. Misfeasors are insiders and they have direct access to the system, which they aim to attack unethically for stealing data/ information.
  • Clandestine User: The category of individuals those have supervision/administrative control over the system and misuse the authoritative power given to them. The misconduct of power is often done by superlative authorities for financial gains, such a category of intruders is referred to as Clandestine User. A Clandestine User can be any of the two, insiders or outsiders, and accordingly, they can have direct/ indirect access to the system, which they aim to attack unethically by stealing data/ information.

Below are the different ways adopted by intruders for cracking passwords for stealing confidential information:

  • Regressively try all short passwords that may open the system for them.
  • Try unlocking the system with default passwords, which will open the system if the user has not made any change to the default password.
  • Try unlocking the system by personal information of the user such as their name, family member names, address, phone number in different combinations.
  • Making use of Trojan horse for getting access to the system of the user.
  • Attacking the connection of the host and remote user and getting entry through their connection gateway.
  • Trying all the applicable information, relevant to the user such as plate numbers, room numbers, locality info.

To prevent intruders from attacking the computer system, it is extremely important to be aware of the preventive measures which leads to strengthening of the security posture. Also, whenever there is potential detection of the system being attacked make sure to reach cyber security experts as soon as possible.

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