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Introduction of Window XP / Vista

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Window XP/VISTA :

As we know in a system an operating system is required and window XP is the most developed operating system of its time, it was originated by the Microsoft company of America in 2004, it was about 64 bit, one user-defined and multitasking operating system in which networks, facts, E-mail, multimedia was present in a newer form. It was formed in such a way that either in business or in personal usage it can be worked properly and efficiently. Windows Vista is another important operating system after this, it was prepared with the bit innovation and creativity of security and internet connectivity as compared to XP. This OS also took a lot of attraction of users over that time, there is a change in dialogue box and screen of this OS which you can understand easily.

Evolution of windows :

  • The Window Operating system is the outcome of the experiment done in Graphical User Interface or GUI
  • This was done in 1980 by Messer’s Xerox Co-operation from their experiment it was proved that the hand handling device like a mouse can create a link with pictures easily so for convenience this company developed a Xerox Star Computer. But the GUI become familiar after Messer’s Apple computer came into the market with Macintosh Computer. 
  • In this, the complete OS was there which was based on GUI but was slow in speed but for business-related purposes it was successful.
  • In 1980 Windows become the famous OS this was mostly used by the IBM Company. Window vista has seen a long process of evolution till it actually came into use.

Features of window VISTA :

Now, let’s discuss the features of the window VISTA. In this, the most effective OS techniques are incorporated. And In earlier versions of Windows, the features are corrected differently, here we are giving some important information and the features of Windows VISTA.

  • Windows Arrow –
    Window Vista called a new Hardware dependent GUI was called Window Arrow. (Aero) Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open is a smaller form. This new interface is much better as compared to the old devices. It has clarity, great icons, and live small pictures.
  • Start Menu –
    There is a slight change in the start menu you can see a Start menu on the desktop in a rounded form in which the windows icon is marked. By clicking any option on the menu rather than opening it on the right menu it opens into the start menu itself. So it becomes easy to open the program.
  • Instant Search –
    The opening of the file is now way easier, the search box is there in the start menu, and a window will show you related files when you are typing.
  • Window Sidebar –
    This a transparent band that you can see on the desktop right side so there are Desktop gadgets in them. You can add or remove these gadgets according to your ease.
  • Windows Internet Explorer 7 –
    Vista has many security facilities against computer viruses like the Internet Explorer (IE7) virus and harmful software are prevented. IE7 has tabbed browsing through which you can open many websites.
  • Windows Media Player 11 –
    With the help of this you can listen and see your favorite music and videos. The media library and new GUI, Photo display, and music library are easy for sending and collecting important things.
  • Backup and storage Centre –
    You can easily take a backup of your data in Vista through Backup and restore application and old backup can also be collected, not only this you can create a backup of the whole computer in Hard-disk or DVD which you can write on another computer as well.
  • Windows photo gallery –
    From this, you can download the pictures from your digital camera or Mobile to your computer. Even manage the color of the pictures, and also you can make a slideshow of your pictures and can copy into the DVD.
  • Windows DVD maker –
    With the help of this the user can form a DVD according to the wish or need.
  • New Exciting games –
    In windows, the Chess Titans, Marble plays, etc. are there. Even they have a folder in name of games explorer in which all games shortcuts and the information related to them are there.
  • Windows Update –
    The software and Security updates are easy now, which you can directly access through the control panel, the spam filters, etc. with the help of Windows update they are used. The operator can opt for automatic updates through which new devices and drivers are installed.
  • Parental Control –
    In Windows, the security of users is necessarily taken into account with the help of the different users through website, program, and games can access can be controlled.

Conclusion :

So through this article, we enlightened our focus on the Windows XP and Vista Operating System now the newer versions like Window 7, 8, 10 are here.

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Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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