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Interview Rejections – How to handle?

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It takes time and effort to build up a nice resume, to become a perfect candidate for a post in your dream company.
Months of training in a particular field of tech and carrying out the projects, along with your college study and extra co-curricular activities. So, when the time finally comes for you to present yourself in front of an elite panelist sometimes you might not be ready for it. You may get nervous and mess one or two questions, especially if it’s the first time. They may need only a couple of candidates and they miss out on you. So, you get depressed for some time.

But do not let that decrease your momentum of growth. It has happened to me. They said “We will get back to you”, I felt like a loser. Later I realized that we should not get hopeless but learn from our mistakes. Even if you fail a 100 interviews, don’t be shy to try out one more. It’s the only way that will keep your dream alive and your career on a positive note. If you have a goal, don’t give up. Reach out to people and get things done. Move past rejections. So, instead of being upset, make more calls, reach out to more people and end the day with a home run.

  1. Let the number of rejections keep on piling under your path of improvement. It’s better to try and fail until you succeed. You will never know what getting up is like until you fall down.
  2. Be patient and humble and hear what they say. They are more experienced than you. You will always learn some DO’S & DON’T’S from your rejections, try to work on that. There are always some reasons for rejections. If you work on that, you will be accepted in the future proposals and invites.
  3. It’s not always your fault that they rejected you. Sometimes they might have misunderstood you and rejected you in first or second technical round. Forget it like a bad dream since you know you have done a lot of hard work and it will pay off someday.
  4. Some days just the opposites of the above happen. You clear all the technical rounds and have a great HR round and still couldn’t make it. Missed by a few miles. You should take it as a positive note in your life since you came this far. It is an indication that one day you will succeed.
  5. Find out what you lacked that the company wanted. Ask them if you can. It takes time to understand the whole placement process and succeed in that. There’s no shame in asking what you lack at. Once you know the fault then it’s easy to repair.
    “You want to be extra rigorous about making the best possible thing you can. Find everything that’s wrong with it and fix it. Seek negative feedback, particularly from friends.”—ELON MUSK.
  6. You can’t change yourself in a day. So be patient and be hungry. One day the dots will connect for you and that day you will outgrow all your rejections and mishappenings. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” – Steve Jobs.

Always be grateful for what you have. Sometimes “rejection is protection” of what’s not worthy of you. There will always be an organization that will acknowledge your value and skills. Keep going and never give up.

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Last Updated : 05 Jun, 2020
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