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Interview Experience for Power Programmer Role Infosys by HackWithInfy

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019
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Each year Infosys conducts (started from the year 2018) this Competition for students which basically comprises of 3 Rounds in total and then Pre-Placement Interview for PowerProgrammer Role for top 100 students. The first two rounds are of competitive coding with a duration of 3 hours comprising of 3 question in each round and are held on HackerRank for final year B.Tech Students.

Next comes the Technical interview part held as Infosys campus Pune.

To our surprise we had a pen and paper coding exam of 1 hour with 1 question. The question was based on graph.
The question was – minimum colors required to color the graph such that no adjacent nodes have same color (NP-Complete algorithm). That test along with the solution was sent to the panelist for further evaluation and discussion in Technical interview.

Technical Round –

-So as I went inside the room they handed me the paper and asked me to explain the code and its approach.

-Explained (my approach had bipartite implemented in it)

-“So you have tried using bipartite in it?”

-“Yes sir.”

-“So what is a bipartite graph? Could you explain it?”

-Drawn a graph on paper and explained what bipartite graph means.

-“So are you confident with Data Structure and Algorithms?”

-“Yes sir, I think I am good enough”

-“So tell me how can you implement a queue using stack?”

-Explained the algorithm and wrote the code on the paper.

With a smile on his face he asked “So can you answer questions from linked list?”

-“Yes sir!” (with confidence)

-“Okay! tell me how can you find middle element of single linked list”

-Explained the method of counting and iteration.

He seemed a little dissatisfied and asked to do it in single traversal.

-Told him the two pointer technique.

This time he was much satisfied and told me “So tell me what are your favorite subjects”

-I added “DBMS, OOPS and Operating System”

-“What is trashing?”


-“What is transaction?”

-Explained along with the ACID properties.

-“What are the different page replacement algorithms?”

-Explained LRU, FIFO and Optimal page replacement.

-“What is Scheduling?”

-Flattered a little on this question and he understood that I am not confident with the answer.

-“So you have web development in your project, so tell me how can you style a class and id in css?”


-“How can you style buttons in your site?”


He was smiling and was satisfied with the interview. The discussion was almost 40 minutes long but the interviewer was very nice and was boosting my moral throughout.

HR Round-

The next round was the HR round where they were directly telling the students if they are not suitable for the PP role and were offering SES role which had another technical round in it.

I went inside the HR room and they asked me a few question regarding location and work shifts and told me to leave.

After almost 3 days (after the hackathon) they declared the results via mail and I am glad to share that I was offered a Power programmer role at Infosys. A hearty thank you to the geeksforgeeks team for providing such an outstanding platform where we can find everything in just one click. Thank you so much it wouldn’t have been possible without geeksforgeeks.

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