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Interview Experience at Flipkart SD II

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  • Last Updated : 29 May, 2021
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Round 1 
Time limit: 90 mins 

Hacker Earth 2 questions each having 10 test cases. 

Round 2 – Machine coding round 
Time limit: 90 mins 

Design a system like Jira. It should have the following functionalities : 

  • User should be able to create Task of type Story, Feature, Bugs. Each can have their own status.
  • Stories can further have subtracts.
  • Should be able to change the status of any task.
  • User should be able to create any sprint. Should be able to add any task to sprint and remove from it.
  • User should be able to print 
    • Delayed task
    • Sprint details
    • Tasks assigned to the user

Round 3 – Discussion over the machine coding round 
Time limit: 45 mins 

The interviewer can ask you to add further any functionalities to your system. 
Interviewer check if your system is running E2E and you have implemented all the above-mentioned functionalities correctly. 

Round 4 – Design discussions 
Design a table booking system. 

Expectations : 

  • System design
  • Class Diagram (UML diagram )
  • Flow / Sequence diagram

Round 5 – DS / Algo round 

    • Given an array, find maximum number of partition s.t sorting each partition will sort the complete array.
    • Given a stream of IP Addresses, at any point of stream you should be able to figureout count of that IP addresses till now

Round 6 – Hiring Manager 

  • Why you want to leave your current company?
  • Why you want to join flipkart?
  • What is the most complex problem you have done till now?
  • What do you understand by CAP theorm ?
  • If you get magic stick, which engineering problem would you like to solve ?
  • What you would like to improve in you?
  • Single word which describes you?
  • How will you define a bad programmer and a good programmer ?
  • What is need to design a good system ?
  • How you ensure you are solving your daily coding problems in best way?


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