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Intellect Design Arena Interview Experience (On Campus for Consultant)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 26 Oct, 2017

Total 2 Rounds

1.Aptitude and Technical MCQs(Core and Advance Java)

2.Technical and HR round

Round 1: A multiple choice question round.

90 questions = 60(Aptitude)+30(core Java)

For eligibility in next round you have to clear both the sections. Actually, there was section cutoff and for Java, you should have prior knowledge of mainly whole core java and some advanced Java topics.

23 out of 69 Shortlisted for Interview Round.

Round 2:
This round was only for Checking your confidence as they were giving the role of Consultant. The interview started from My project than he asked about me and my family than he again came to my Projects as I mentioned 3 projects so the whole Interview was going on my projects than he asked about the various languages on which I worked. Then he asked me about the Company, here I want to mention that for any company one thing you should do that you should know each and everything about the Company that gives the Great Impact on the Interviewer that you are very much aware regarding Company. This Thing helped me in creating the Impact than he asked about my Presentation Experience, Content Writing Skills.

The Whole interview was going on projects and My experience Working with different teams. My working Experience helped a lot in Explaining the Different Different Conditions. He gave me some Corporate Technical Conditions and how will I handle those all problems. Finally, I had given all the answers. You have to very Diplomatic in answering those Questions.(Consider Yourself as Product and Try to sell Yourself)

The level of knowledge I was carrying in the Interview regarding Company created the great image in front of the interviewer, Suddenly he asked me if i am having regarding the Company, (Now this Questions is asked in Every Interview So try to ask any questions regarding their work, technologies, ventures). So I asked about the Technologies and He answered all of them, While answering this questions he was really impressed by me as I was carrying the Depth Info about the Company. Suddenly he said you are placed and he Started talking about the stipend and the all the Salary breakups. So that moment i thought yes Finally this level has Cleared :). I was little bit confused. He finished the Interview and said wait for next rounds.

I was Expecting another Round but they just consider the First interview as their Final one.

After 2 hours of wait

19 out of 23 students got Selected(16 MCA and 3 Btech).

key for Interview: Confidence, level of research Regarding Company, Projects, Experience, Communications Skills.

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