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Installing Realtek RTL8821CE Driver to use the Wireless Network Interface in Ubuntu

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If you dual boot your Laptop or PC with any other OS and you restart Ubuntu then it will show Error[Wireless connection is not present or no network devices are available]. This issue may happen also due to the installations of unwanted software in Ubuntu.

Problem: Wireless network (Wi-Fi) option is not available.

Wi-Fi not available in linux

Follow the below steps to get back the Wi-Fi option on Ubuntu

Note: First connect a wired device to your laptop so that you can use internet services to follow further steps.

Step 1: Open Terminal using Ctrl+Alt+T.

Step 2: Update system packages using the following command.

sudo apt-get update

Step 3: Install the required packages using the following command.

sudo apt install git build-essential dkms

installing custom packages

Step 4: Clone the Realtek RTL8821CE Driver using the following command.

git clone

Step 5: Move to the repository directory using the following command.

cd rtl8821ce

Realtek RTL8821CE Driver

Step 6: Use the following command to make the script of dkms-installation executable.

chmod +x

make executable

Step 7: Make the dkms-remove script executable.

chmod +x

Step 8: Execute the installation script using the below-mentioned command.

sudo ./

After doing these steps restart your PC, and now you can see that the wireless network option is available.


wireless option in linux

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Last Updated : 24 Dec, 2020
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