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Insert data from one table to another table using PHP

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In this article, we are going to insert data into another table from the existing table using PHP.


PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor. MySQL is a database query language for performing database operations. We are going to insert data from one table into another table by using MySQL Server.

MySQL server is an open-source relational database management system that is used for web applications.

  • Insert query syntax:

    insert table_2 select * from table_1.

Follow the below Steps:

  • Open XAMPP server and start Apache and MySQL.
  • Open your browser and type “localhost/phpmyadmin”. Create a database named “geeks_database
  • Now create a table named table1 with 4 columns and click on save.
  • Now open the SQL column in the database server and insert records into it.

    MySQL code: The following are the SQL statements to insert data in table1.

    INSERT INTO `table1`(`name`, `address`, `country`, `city`) VALUES (‘sravan’,’kakumanu’,’india’,’guntur’);
    INSERT INTO `table1`(`name`, `address`, `country`, `city`) VALUES (‘sudheer’,’chebrolu’,’india’,’guntur’);
    INSERT INTO `table1`(`name`, `address`, `country`, `city`) VALUES (‘vani’,’kakumanu’,’india’,’guntur’);
    INSERT INTO `table1`(`name`, `address`, `country`, `city`) VALUES (‘radha’,’tenali’,’india’,’guntur’);

    Output: The table1 includes the following data.

  • Write create table2 in XAMPP SQL server in the same database geeks_database
  • Now insert records in table 2 using PHP code from table1.

    PHP Code:


    // creating a connection by passing server name, 
    // username, password and database name
    // servername=localhost
    // username=root
    // password=empty
    // database name= geeks_database
    $connection_link = new mysqli("localhost", "root", "","geeks_database"); 
    if ($connection_link === false) { 
        die("ERROR: Not connected. ".$connection_link->connect_error); 
    //sql query to perform copying data from one table to another
    $sql_query  "insert table2 select * from table1"
        if ($connection_link->query($sql_query) === true) 
        echo "Data Copied Successfully."
        echo "ERROR: Could not able to proceed $sql_query. "
    // Close the  connection 


  • Save this code as copying_data.php under xampp->htdocs folder.
  • Output:

    • Open web browser and type “http://localhost/copying_data.php“.

      data copied image

    • Finally, view your table2. The data is copied from table1 successfully.

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Last Updated : 07 Apr, 2021
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