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InfyTQ Interview Experience Upgradation Test 2020

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  • Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2021
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Hello Everyone, I am here to share my experience with my InfyTQ journey. InfyTQ is a certification exam which also offers placement opportunity.

I was a zero to programming, and I was wondering how I am going to clear this round. I have only practiced 15 days on hackerearth algorithm section especially string manipulation. Then I got to know I have to clear the screening test before the actual round because in 2019 there was no screening test but there were taking it in 2020. So I have learned MCQs through many MCQ sites.

Round 1: My 1st Round was Conducted in the last week of Feb 2020. I was very excited about this round. And This exam is divided into 2 sections and each section having 20 questions. Section 1 had an Aptitude Question which is of the Basic level. Section 2 had an Objective type Question which is of Medium and this question is from Programming Language (we have a choice between Python & Java, Which we have to choose during slot Booking), Data Structure, DBMS [MySQL and 1 question is from MongoDB]. I chose python.

I Got my result after 4-6 days and I Qualified for Round 2 Successfully

Round 2: My round 2 Exams were scheduled for the last week of March. But, Due to COVID-19, it is scheduled a few more times. And finally, it is conducted on the 3rd week of June. This exam also had 2 sections. Section1 had 2 Coding Questions, 1 question was easy and another was medium. Section 2 is the same as round 1. And to clear this round one has to score more than 65%.

Note: If you are zero to programming/python/database 15 days of hard work is enough to crack all the rounds.

We are the four friends who were preparing for it from the beginning, and we all are clearing these rounds easily.

Interview: My Interview was scheduled for 24th Nov. And I got the mail just 1 day before the interview. My Interview was 35-40 min. long. 

I don’t know why my interview goes that long because my friends were having only a 15-25 minute long interview 

The question that the interviewer asked:

  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. Tell me something about your projects/certifications.
  3. He asked me to share my screen to make a prime number program and simple file handling program in python.
  4. I have mentioned the latest tech like ReactJS, MongoDB so he asked questions from these techs (Basic).
  5. Technology awareness questions. (if I am aware of cloud, machine learning, etc.).
  6. Some data structure questions (array, linked list, and their difference, etc.)

Note: Keep a smile on your face during the Interview it gave u confidence and positivity.

I got my interview result after exactly two weeks. I was selected and happy (Role: system engineer) just after 2 days, there is mine up-gradation test #no-preparation

Upgradation Test: There was 3 question contain 50 marks (easy), 75 marks (med), and 100 marks (hard). 

  •  Question 1: Write a program to add all the natural numbers till N but in binary.


    #input: 2(value of N)
    #output: 11
    #Explanation:  binary of 1= 01
    #binary of 2= 10
    for i in range(1,N+1):
    return result


  • Question 2: Longest Common Subsequence in two given strings. I have used python as it was my favorite till this test. I don’t know why it is getting the time limit to exceed and only one test case gets passed. After discussing it with my seniors. They advised me not to use python in CP.

I was disappointed with the result but guess what they are taking this round again due to technical issues. I got a second chance Tomorrow is my re-test. I don’t want to disappoint myself this time as I was learning Dynamic Programming since last week and I have also switched to C++ as one can give this round in any language. Let’s see what happens. 

Dynamic Programming learning: Initially I have watched a youtube, he is best at teaching dynamic programming. And I was reading articles and practicing on the Geekforgeeks platform. Geekforgeeks has all standard as well as ques variations on its platform. Learn the DP section from Youtube and Geekforgeeks DP section.

Thank You

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