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Infytq Interview Experience 2021

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There was a change in infytq exam pattern. This year of infytq certification had a qualifier round, and anyone clearing the qualifier round would be eligible to attend the final round.

Round 1(Qualifier Round): The qualifier round consisted of 40 MCQs, 1 hour. Out of which 20 MCQs where on python programming/Java programming (depends on which language you choose)

  • 10 MCQ’s On aptitude
  • 10 MCQ’s ON DBMS.

+1, -0.25 was followed.

The cutoff for this exam wasn’t disclosed. This exam can be written from our home, where we will be proctored by a webcam. The results for this round were declared after a few days.

Suggestion: Be calm, and try to solve as many questions as you can they were easy to medium level. Just study from infytq website (It’s helpful)

Round 2(Online Coding Round): Everyone who cleared round 1 was eligible to write this round, this round was taken in mid-June (due to covid this year pattern and exam schedule was changed). This exam was to give from home (web-proctored). The examination was for 3 hours. 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. This exam consisted of 2 hands-on coding questions which would test your problem solving skills .

Hands-on questions:

  • One was quite easy and the other one was tricky. Marks were allocated on the basis of number test cases being passed .
  • The other half consisted of 20 MCQ’s from data structures, Python / Java, DBMS.

The cutoff for this exam wasn’t also disclosed.

If you score 65% or above, you will be eligible for a job interview at Infosys. The interview will be conducted on a video call, through a virtual meeting platform, and will test your technical and behavioural skills. You will be informed by email when your interview is scheduled by the Infosys Talent Acquisition team.

I’ve done 1 full and 2nd half of coding questions and MCQ were fairly easy to medium.(try to search for last year infytq questions)

Results were declared after 2 weeks’ time. I was selected for the final interview round.

The interview call came out a bit late due to covid-19 issues. My interview call came in October -2020. 

Round 3(Final round): My interviewer was a very cool and kind person.

Questions asked:

  1. Tell me about Yourself?
  2. Basic principles of OOP’s explain?
  3. Diff between CPP and python?
  4. Error handling in python?
  5. Exception handling in python?
  6. What is Software Development life cycle?
  7. Testing and its types?
  8. Diff between Ml and Iot?
  9. Example of IoT?
  10. Where you in the next 5 years?

I’ve answered them all except one and my interview was over.

Suggestion: Try to be calm, clear, and loud. Interview questions were easy. If you don’t know the answer simply say I can’t remember it right now doesn’t roam around and waste the time on the interviewer. 

Overall it was smooth experience and good chance to grab job in infosys.

At last, I got informed by my TPO that I got selected for SE role.   

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Last Updated : 24 Nov, 2020
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