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Infosys SES(PP) Interview Experience 2019

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  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2019
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Round 1(Systems Engineer): I applied through InfyTQ. I heard about just before 4 days of exam, thankfully I already knew a bit of python and read DBMS on those 4 days. The test was on 16th of July. There were 20 MCQs on DBMS and Python and two coding questions. I scored 87 on the exam and was interviewed on the same day. It was an HR interview.

HR: Introduce yourself

Me: (I was not prepared for this, as I was sure that I won’t pass the exam. Could not introduce properly, but it was ok)

HR: Tell me about your projects (told)

HR: (There was “Astronomy” and “Science Fiction” on interests section of my CV) Wow, I also interested in Astronomy. So, what you like the most in astronomy?

Me: Black Holes.

HR: Cool. Can you share a lesser-known fact about black hole or anything else in astronomy?

Me: If you go near a supermassive black hole you will be alive for a while but if you go near a smaller black hole you will be dead instantly as in the first case, gravitation full is almost same on all of your body parts and it would keep you intact, in case of second, there will be different pull on different part of body, that would tear the body apart.

HR: Cool, I didn’t knew about it…. Now, you have written science fiction. So, you like to watch any web series on that?

Me: I prefer to read books

HR: Tell me the name of a story you like the most

Me: (I have so many favorites, Confused about what to tell at that moment) Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

HR: Can you tell me a summary of the story

Me: (Told somehow)

HR: I am done with the interview, do you have anything to ask?

Me: During the presentation, you told me that Systems Engg. Specialists get to work on modern technologies and students qualified in the exam will get a chance in the recruitment process. I want to know about the process.

HR: (explained)

They asked me to leave an told they will send mail to college TPO within a day.

Got mail 2 days later that I am selected for the SE role.

Round 2:

Round 2 was coding round for upgradation exam for SES(systems Engg. Specialist) and PP(Power Programmer)

It was online round from home, there were 3 questions. I could solve 1 complete and 1 partially.

7 days later I got mail that I am shortlisted for SES interview. But before 2 days of the interview, I got mail for the PP interview. ( They sent both PP and SES candidates the same email.)

Round 3:

I asked an official about the mails, and he told me to appear for PP interview and “if your name not in the list then we will see that”.

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself.

Me: Told

Interviewer: Tell about your projects

Me: Told. He asked details about my projects, technologies used, and architecture of the deep learning model, which is too complicated to write here.

Interviewer: What are the algorithms you know

Me: Stack, Queue, Heap, Tree and some graph algorithms. Segment Tree

Interviewer: Explain BFS

Me: (Explained with example)

Interviewer: What is Connected graph and disconnected graph

Me: (Told)

Interviewer: Tell me what sorting algorithms you know

Me: Selection, Insertion, Bubble, HeapSort, Quicksort, MergeSort, Quotient Remainer Sort

Interviewer: When will you use HeapSort and when will you use MergeSort?

Me: (Told)

Interviewer: (Pulls out a question) Read the questions and tell me what you understood

It was a problem to print bigger palindrome number than a given number

Me: (Explained the problem)

Interviewer: Now think about the solution and write it on the paper.

(After some time)

Me: I thought of solution but that won’t work on all test cases

Interviewer: For now, concentrate on sample test cases, and write on paper.

Me: (Wrote it)

Interviewer: (Read the solution, asked for some clarifications) Good. But it won’t work for (points out a corner case)

Me: Yeah, that’s what I had told you.

(Both laughing)

Interviewer: Can you think of a solution that works in all cases?

Me: Brute force.

Interviewer: (laughing) Not brute force. Anything else?

Me: (Shaking head)

Interviewer:  Ok, what is machine learning

Me: (Even though my CV is full of ML projects, I am very nervous because I couldn’t answer the previous problem) Machine Learning is a technology ( wondering what to say) I don’t actually focus on definitions.

Interviewer: Well, I am done with your interview. Do you have any questions?

Me: (Asked about Infosys Training)


After around 2-3 hours, HR called 6 candidates. Before me, he called two guys and informed that they haven’t been selected and they are also eligible for SES interview and they should appear the same.

Now for my result, he said “Very Good” and asked another guy (sitting beside him) if my name is in PP shortlisted candidates, he informed that I am not in the list of candidates who should appear for PP interview. HR asked me about it. I told about the mails. Then, he asked another guy to fill up an interview form for SES for me and get it signed by anyone in SES interview panelists(without interview). HR congratulated me and informed that I am offered SES role and they’ll send mail to the colleges about the same. ( I already had a form filled up for SES, gave it to the guy, he checked it and told me to leave. )


Verdict: Selected. ( Waiting for Confirmation Email)

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