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Infosys SES Interview Experience 2020

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I got a PPI offer for SES role from Infosys after clearing two coding rounds of HackwithInfy. Due to Covid, this year’s interview of all candidates is going virtual on an Infosys platform or WebEx. I am a B.Tech final year student from the Electrical engineering department. It was around a 45-50 minute interview (They scheduled a 1-hour interview and I was informed a week before for my interview).

Interviewer: To make me comfortable he started asking about my family, interests, how I started coding.

Me: Answered, and told about my interest in competitive programming ( achievement in ICPC and performance in Codechef and Codeforces).

Interviewer: Which topics you know in the CSE field?

Me: DSA and OOPS.

Interviewer: Do you have knowledge about the database, can you write SQL queries or anything you know in OS, CN?

Me: No (If you are not comfortable with any question, just say No instead of trying )

Interviewer: Give a brief introduction about any of your major projects?

Me: Told about my Android project ( tech used, current status, the problem faced, application ).

Interviewer: In which programming language are you comfortable?

Me: C++

Interviewer: What are all the libraries you have used in C++? Any project you have done using C++?

Me: I used C++ due to its rich STL library which is comfortable for competitive programming. I have not done any projects using c++.

Interviewer: What is flux? 

Me: Answered

Interviewer: What are the types of faults in the power system?

Me: Don’t know. He was going to ask more questions from the Electrical core but I stopped him. I said I am an electrical engineer student only by degree I have an interest in coding. 

Till now, about 15-20 minutes passed and the interviewer was not satisfied with my performance. He said You need to do some projects using C++, explore its libraries.

Interviewer: Okay, so what else I can ask you?

Me: I said you can give me any problem to code or anything from DSA (When your performance is not going well, you can move to the interviewer to your comfort zone (coding, project, core).

Interviewer: Take 5 random elements to arrange it in a double-linked list and then apply to merge sort on it ( He asked to use any online IDE, code, and compile on it).

Me: I coded for it and explain to him the properties of a double linked list, each function I used, how recursion is working, time complexity…. 

Interviewer: Okay, I checked your coding skills, it’s good and you have good logical thinking.

Interviewer: I gave you a python code, try to understand it, and tell me the final output ( It was based on OOPS, including the concept of inheritance, superclass, constructor (copy, paramterised), object).

Me: Solved it step by step on notepad (I shared my screen ). Able to solve correctly and the final output was right ( interviewer said).

Interviewer: Do you have any questions?                     

Me: How is the training process in Infosys? On which technology I will work, if selected ( read about this in a post, asking such type of questions shows your interest in their company).

After 4-5 days they shared the result with my college TPO. Sometimes, Infosys delay in giving results take around 10-15 days even, happened with my friends ( try to connect with your recruiter in that case).

Verdict: SELECTED  


  1. Be confident, go through your resume properly (it’s enough to crack Infosys interview).
  2. If you don’t know anything just say No, instead of trying (You can freely tell the interviewer your strong topics, what you have done and achievement in that either any technology (android, web), core subjects, DSA (competitive programming ).
  3. If you get any coding question to solve, apart from coding you try to tell each and every line to the interviewer ( start with telling your approach ) it reflects your logical ability.
  4. Be confident in any one programming language and check top interview questions of that.
  5. If you have time to prepare, try to check SQL queries as it is asked by almost most of my friends.
  6. Try to check prime number, Fibonacci series, bubble sort code (it is the most asked programming question in an interview for SES post).

If you are reading this post, maybe you have your interview in the upcoming week. So,


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Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2020
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