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Infosys Interview Experience | HackWithInfy SES

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 12 Sep, 2019
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Round 1:  * Round 1 was online on Hackerrank. HackWithInfy Round 1 more than 1, 18, 000 Students Appeared.

* We had to solve 3 questions within 3 hours. 2 medium 1 hard.

* Topics included: Array, DP, Graphs.

* Anyone who was able to solve 1 or more was selected for the second round.

Round 2: * Round 2 was also on Hackerrank. HackWithInfy Round 2, 7000 Students Appeared.

* We had to solve 3 questions within 3 hours. 1 medium 2 hard.

* I was able to solve 1 and a half questions.

* 4000 were offered with System Engineer Specialist (SES) PPI from Infosys and top 200 were offered with Power Programmer(PP) PPI.

Round 3:   * My interview was in JIIT, Noida. Although the process was very time consuming but it was great, they were asking mostly from the resume and every detail mentioned. Also, there was only 1 round for SES (TR+HR).

So after waiting for 4 hours my turn came.

Me: May I come in Sir?

He: Yes, Sure.

We shook hands.

Me: May I sit?

He: Offcourse

He started filling my form…..

He: Do you remember your college enrollment number?

Me: Yes Sir

I gave my enrollment number. Meanwhile, I passed my Resume to him. He took 4-5 mins and completely read my resume everything.

He: So you have done specialization in Cloud Computing and Virtualization?

Me: Yes Sir.

He: Tell me something about the cloud ?

Me: I answered for 3 4 mins (Has been studying cloud for 3 years :P).

He: Who you thing are cloud nowadays?

Me: I answered.

He: Why it is good for small scale industry?

Me: Answered

He: Trying to play with me But many big companies are on the cloud….. What could be the reason?

Me: Telling him and trying to prove myself correct.

He: What is Virtualization?

Me: Answered

He: What is Docker?

Me: Answered

He: How does VMWare achieve virtualization and how does docker achieve virtualization?

By this was I was so confused because he was cross-questioning a lot.

Me: Sorry Sir, I don’t know.

He: Tell me about your projects?

Me: Told him everything, Also included my inspiration behind the projects,

for next 10-12 mins he asked me a lot of cross-questions what if I this fo to your project? How if I implement this, this way ? 

Many times it was going over my head 😛

He: Okay That’s Good, You handle it well.

Me: Thank you (I was still confused).

He: You don’t know OOPs?

Me: I know Sir.

He: Good, How about DBMS?

Me: I know that too.

He: So can you write a query if I give you a problem statement?

Me: Sure Sir.

He then gave me a problem, It was a left join.

He: What if I want this? Again he started confusing me and i was so confused that I told him Full as Inner and Inner as Full then I suddenly Realised.

Me: Sir…….

He: You are only confused with names not with Concepts… thats good.

He: I am satisfied with you Anubhav. Would you like to ask me something?

Me: Yes Sir, You good name?

He: Nitin

Me: And then I played my masterstroke… I have prepared a good question for this (was related to Infosys and Social Cause).

He: He smiled the answerd for about 10 mins explaining everything.

He: Any Constraints?

Me: Sorry Sir?

He: Any migration constraints?

Me: No Sir

He: If you are sent to Chennai then also?

Me: I have been to Chennai last year?

He: In which month?

Me: December

He: Laughing… Try visiting in May June then tell me how well you liked.

AAAAhhhhhhhhh… That’s it. We Shook hands.

Infosys mailed results to our TPO after 2 weeks.

I was Selected.

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