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Infosys Interview Experience for Java Developer

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2021
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My interview started at sharp 4:00 pm, it was on the cisco webex platform. I got the interview opportunity through the Infosys portal after applying. My interview was for the Java Developer-Java role. The interview continues for one hour. 

The questions were based on the skills I mentioned on my resume. First, they start by introducing yourself and your role in the current project. Later they moved to skills.


  • What is OOP and what are the advantages?
  • What is string immutable?
  • What is a class that supports string mutable?
  • Difference between String and String Buffer?
  • Difference Between Array and List?
  • What are the classes implemented using Array and Lists?
  • Difference Between List, Set, and Map?
  • What is WeakHashMap?
  • What type of inheritance supported in java?
  • What are the Entity Relationships supported in Java-like one-to-one?
  • Does java 8 support multiple interfaces?
  • Can you define a method in the interface?
  • What is Static Overloading and Dynamic Overloading?


  • How to add Constraints for an existing table (Syntax)
  • Explain DML Operations
  • What is a composite key?
  • How to add and Drop a Foreign key?
  • Explain joins?
  • What happens if you use inner join with no conditions?
  • What is Stored Procedure?


  • What are the advantages of angular?
  • Angular Directory Structure
  • Explain Angular Routing?
  • Some questions on pipes?


  • What is the closure?
  • Is your Application browser Friendly?


  • What is Git?
  • Explain a few git commands?
  • Explain few syntaxes for git commands?
  • How to create a new branch?

This time already 5, and they said that’s all for now. We will call you back.

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