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Infosys Interview Experience for Digital Specialist Engineer 2022

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    The interviewer came a bit late in my case(took approximately 10 mins from starting time), and we faced some voice problems(it took one more 30 minutes to connect us both properly), but finally, the interview started at 3:10 PM where actually interview starting time is 2:30 PM.

  • He asked me about self-introduction. I briefly described myself to him. 
  • After that, he started asking technical questions.

Technical Interview: Areas in which he asked me the interview questions are:

  • DBMS
  • OOPS
  • OS
  • Computer Networks
  • Java Programming

DBMS(Database Management System):

  • What are DDL and DML? Give examples for DDL commands. (You can prepare all DDL, DML, DCL, DTL, etc.)
  • Write SQL query to update column based on the email id given. (Practice SQL queries)
  • Asked about JOINs in SQL. (Have a fine grip on SQL joins)

OOPS(Object Oriented Programming)

  • Explain Polymorphism. What is Method Overriding? Write code for it.
  • What are inheritance and do Multiple inheritances work in Java?
  • And asked a few more questions about the OOPS concept (You can prepare well and be good at OOPS implementation spontaneously)

OS(Operating Systems)

  • Asked about Scheduling algorithms
  • Explain Round Robing scheduling algorithm(For CS/IT student’s core subjects to be tested, be prepared)

Computer Networks

  • Asked OSI network model
  • Asked about the router, switch, bridge, etc.

Java Programming

  • Asked to write a java program to print the Fibonacci sequence.
  • Given some pseudo codes and asked to give output to them.

And he completed the interview within less time. I performed moderately.

Then after a few days, I got one email specifying that you can attend the Systems Engineer role in Infosys. It is because of my performance issue in the DSE interview. After that, I attended the Systems Engineer role interview. I got selected mail after that interview for the Systems Engineer role.

Note: For CS students focus on Core subjects. Be cautious.

I think this could help you. All the best for your interview.

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Last Updated : 10 Mar, 2023
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