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Infosys infytq Interview Experience for System Engineer 2022

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  • Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2022
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I applied through Infytq 2022 and got the opportunity to get an Interview for the System Engineer role. There was a single interviewer who took my technical interview and asked me an HR question as well. The questions he asked were:

  • – Tell me about yourself.
  • – Which language do you prefer to code? ( as I had written C, C++, and Python in my resume)
  • – Then he asked me to share my screen and open the compiler and when I asked which program do I need to write then he said just open the compiler first and then asked me to write a program for Armstrong number.
  • – Write a program for palindrome numbers and also asked me to explain code then asked for output.
  • – What are the features of OOPs?
  • – What are Lists and Dictionary in python?
  • – What do you mean by mutable and immutable?
  • – Asked me to write a query in SQL to join two tables.
  • – Given me a Problem Statement and asked me to write the query to show some values of tables and also asked me what will be displayed after a particular query which he said himself.
  • – What is your long-term goal?

and wishes me all the best. Till now, I am waiting for the result and will update you soon once informed.

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