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Infosys Infytq Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 15 Apr, 2021
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Round 1(MCQs): MCQs round consists of 40 MCQ questions from topics like DBMS, OOPs, Python or java language(you can choose anyone) and aptitude,

Level of question were moderate and the duration was around 1 hr. This round was conducted in February.

Round 2(Coding): Coding round in which you will be given 2 questions, I was able to solve both one completely and one 80% as it was a bit easy and there will be some MCQ questions also related to database and hands-on questions. You have to secure above 65% to qualify for this round

Due to covid round was conducted in June.

Upon clearing this round you will:

  1. Became Infosys certified software programmer.
  2.  Get a chance to interview for a system engineer role entry-level job at Infosys

Round 3(Interview): It was easy as they just asked some basic DBMS, OOPs, python(mention in resume) question and some project-based question

Out of 70 students, 60 got selected from my college.

After clearing the interview round you will be getting a chance to sit in advanced coding round exam for SES and PP role.




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