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Infosys HackwithInfy Interview Experience for Digital Specialist Engineer(Off-Campus)

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I received a Pre-placement interview opportunity for the role of Digital Specialist Engineer after clearing the first round of HackWithInfy 2021. The first round was held on 9th May 2021 and consists of 3 coding questions- 1 Easy, 1 Medium and 1 Hard. I solved one medium question completely and another hard question partially in this round. After a month later I received an interview mail from infosys. My interview was scheduled for 12th July 2021. I was informed six days before about the 50-minute interview and It was a Technical + Hr Interview.

The Interviewer joined the room and firstly introduced himself. Then :

  • Interviewer: Tell my about your self.
  • Me : I told him about my college , cgpa , skills ,Internships , college location , Hometown Location and Hobbies.
  • Interviewer: He ask me to tell few things about my college
  • Me: I explained him why i choose this college what are the best things of my college and few more things about my college.
  • Interviewer: Have you done any project Till now?
  • Me: I said yes a Mini Project i have done as I am in my 6th Semester.
  • Interviewer: He told me to explain that project.
  • Me: I explained him about my project, Technologies used in that project and what is the objective of that project.
  • Interviwer: After this interviewer asked in which programming language are you comfortable.
  • Me: I said Python
  • Interviewer: He said why did you choose python why not java and c++.
  • Me: I explained him that i am more focused on data science and machine learning and along with that python is a general purpose programming language
  • That we can use in any trending technologies. He is much satisfied with my answer.
  • Interviewer: Tell me the difference between Python and Java.
  • Me: I explained him 5-6 differences clearly
  • Interviewer: He asked tell me the difference between object oriented programming programming and Functional Programming.
  • Me: I explained him complete difference between object oriented programming and functional Programming with an example.
  • Interviewer: What is Polymorphism and its Type
  • Me: I explained him about polymorphism and its types.
  • Interviwer: What is inheritance and why we are having inheritance in object oriented programming?
  • Me: I explained him each and every thing about Inheritance
  • Interviewer: Then he asked for which type of classes we cannot create an object?
  • Me: I explained him types of classes and why we cannot create an object for abstract class.
  • Interviewer:Then he gave a problem to solve which is perform linear search in linkedlist and you need to take linkedlist as an input. He gave 15 min to solve that problem.
  • Me : I have solved that problem within 10 minutes as that type of problem i have already solved before.
  • Interviewer: Then he asked my What is binary search tree and what are in how many ways we can perform traversal in it.
  • Me: I explained him about BST and its traversal technique along with that he also told me to write a code for pre-order traversal I have completed it.
  • Interviewer: Then he asked do you know doubly linked list and doubly circular linked list?
  • Me: I said Yes then he asked me difference between circular doubly linkedlist and doubly linkedlist
  • Interviewer : Then he asked me do you know about SQL and DBMS?
  • Me: i said yes I know DBMS very well and SQL(Basics)
  • Interviewer: Then he asked me What is normalization and why we use normalization
  • Me: I explained him about normalization and its benefits
  • Interviewers: Then he asked my what is triggers in dbms
  • Me: I explained him about triggers(He wants only definitions)
  • Interviewer : Then he asked me a sql query to find the second smallest salary from a table
  • Me: I explained him about that
  • Interviewer: Then he asked why do you want to join infosys?
  • Me: I gave clear explaination and pros of Infosys He is very happy with my answer.
  • Interviewer: Great great!! Okay that’s all. It was great talking to you. Do you have any questions for me?
  • Me: Based on this what are the points I should work on further for improvement?

He gave me a perfect answer that Always try to learn and practice as much as possible as Practice makes a man perfect. Then he simply say thanks to me. have a great day ahead.

Overall, this was my 1st interview. After giving that interview I am very confident and happy as the interviewer is very friendly and asking the questions very politely.

After few Months on September 2021 I got selection Mail from Infosys for the Role of Digital Specialist Engineer.

Thanks for reading. All the best for your interviews.

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Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2023
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