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Infoedge Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2021

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Info Edge visited our campus for a Software Engineer role. The cut of criteria for applying is a 75% score in UG. All 5 rounds were conducted in online mode. The entire process took more than a week.

Round 1: (MCQ test):  This test contains 45 questions and the time limit is 60 mins. Out of 45 questions, 30 are technical questions and 15 are aptitude questions. The technical section has questions like finding the output of C and Java programs mostly on classes, data structures, sorting algorithms, and threads in Java. The aptitude part has questions on topics: PNC, probability, time and work, speed and distance, profit and loss, percentages, and patterns.

Round 2: (Technical Interview –1): The interviewer asked many questions on the projects I have written on my resume, questions like, why did you use these technologies in your project, how did you achieve this particular part of your project (by pointing to a part of my project) and the flow of the project.  
    Then the interviewer asked 
        1. To write code for binary tree traversals in the language of my choice.
        2. Basic questions on OOPS.
        3. What happens during, a user enters a URL in the browser and the website is displayed.

Round 3: (Technical Interview –2): The interviewer gave a question similar to this:

  • /, and asked me to write the algorithm, it took nearly 20 minutes for me, but the interviewer is satisfied after I explained the algorithm. After that, this puzzle was given: 
  •,can%20drop%20the%20egg%20again. And I took around 5 mins, to get the correct answer.

Round 4: (Technical Interview –3): Questions on my projects and subjects like Operating Systems, Computer Networks, DBMS, and Cryptography (as one of my projects is based on Cryptography) were asked, this round was harder when compared to previous rounds.

Round 5: (HR Interview): Questions in this round were –  
        1. What would you do if a conflict arose between you and your colleague?
        2. What websites do you visit when you get any problems with your code?
        3. Did you find anything interesting in the previous rounds of interviews?

After all rounds, I got selected.

Suggestion: Have in-depth knowledge of your projects. You should be able to answer any question on your project.  

All the best!!

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Last Updated : 07 Mar, 2022
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