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IDFC First Bank Interview Experience for Application Engineer (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2022
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I am a Final Year CSE Student from NIT. Recently IDFC First Bank came to our campus for hiring Application Engineer. Students of CSE and ECE were allowed to participate. The process consisted of 3 rounds.

I have mentioned all the rounds and hiring process below in detail-

ONLINE ASSESSMENT: This round was conducted on HirePro platform. It consisted of 4 parts.

  • Aptitude test consisting of 15 MCQs
  • Verbal Test consisting of 20 MCQs
  • C and Java progamming questions all MCQs 20
  • 2 easy level coding Questions.

22 students were shortlisted for the next round.

TECHNICAL INTERVIEW ROUND 1: The time duration was around 30-40mins. This round was conducted on Microsoft Teams. The interviewer was very calm and friendly. He started the interview process by introducing himself and then asked me to introduce myself. He asked me about my projects( Basic questions).

The interviewer was satisfied with my answers. After this round 11 students were shortlisted further.

TECHNICAL + HR INTERVIEW: This round started with my introduction. The interviewer then asked me to explain my internship experiences in detail.

  • He gave me one coding problem very similar to the Two sum problem and first asked me to explain the approach and then code it in any editor. Also, he asked about time complexity
  • Again the interviewer was very supportive and was satisfied with my approach.
  • He then asked me why would i want to join them and at last asked me whether I have any questions.

After the results came 8 students were selected and luckily I was one of them.

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