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Identifiers and Keywords in TypeScript

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Identifiers: Identifiers are nothing but the names which is given to the members of any class like a variable, method name, class name, array name etc. Certain rules to be followed while declaring Identifiers:

  • Identifier name can start with both upper-case as well as lower case letter but can’t start with numbers.
  • Only _ and $ symbols can be used for giving name to Identifiers, apart from these symbols, no other special symbol can be used.
  • Keywords are different from Identifiers.
  • Identifier are case sensitive and doesn’t contain spaces.

Examples of Valid and Invalid Identifiers:

Valid Invalid
geeksforgeeks 1$geeksforgeeks
geeks_for_geeks #geeks
$geeks geeks-for-geeks
_geeks$ any

Keywords: Keywords are words which are responsible to perform some specific task or the words which represent some specific functionality. The following table lists some keywords:

break as any switch case if
throw else var number string get
module type instanceof typeof public private

Comments: Comments are a way to improve the readability of a program. While coding we use comments for a better understanding of code for other users. While execution of the code, compiler ignore the comments and compile the rest of the code. There are two ways to use comments :

  • Single-line comments ( // )
  • Multi-line comments (/* */)


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    Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2019
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