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ICICI Lombard Interview Experience for Machine Learning / Cloud Developer | On-Campus 2020 (Virtual)

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  • Last Updated : 04 Mar, 2021
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ICICI Lombard came to our college for two roles i.e Machine Learning and Cloud Developer and the location was Prabhadevi in Mumbai.

The Recruitment Process consisted of 3 rounds and offered Internship+Placement offer.

Round 1(Online Test):

  1. Cognitive/Aptitude Tests(30 questions – 30 mins): The questions included Quant, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Ability.
  2. Technical Test(10 questions – 10 mins): The questions were MCQ’s from subjects like Operating System, Data Structure, Data Networks, and Java.
  3. Coding Questions (3 questions – 1 hour): The difficulty level of all three questions was medium. I was able to solve two out of three using the brute force approach.

Round 2(Tech Interview):

  1. Introduce yourself and let us know all the technology you know.
  2. Tell me something about the two chatbot you made?
  3. Have you integrated the chatbot with any specific hotel?
  4. What is the CMS you mentioned in your resume?
  5. Why did you do two internships in the same company?
  6. Rate yourself on Python, Aws, and Django.
  7. Explain your E-learning project.
  8. You did ML (A-Z) from Udemy. Have you enjoyed it or just completed what you learned from it?
  9. Difference between Classification and Prediction
  10. Mention some ML algorithms and which one is best and why?
  11. Explain what you did in the 33 hours hackathon?
  12. Explain Hackathon project.
  13. Can you integrate cloud with any technology? How will you do it?
  14. Why Django? Why did you select it for making projects?
  15. Explain what architecture Django uses?
  16. Why not framework? It is the easiest framework.
  17. Why did you do AWS Specialization on Coursera?
  18. Explain Saas,Paas and Iaas.
  19. What do you mean by RESTful API and how you used it in the project?
  20. Any higher education plan?
  21. Where do you see yourself in the next two years if you get some other company providing you a double salary?
  22. We are eager to know about your family background. Can you talk about it?
  23. Do you have any questions?

Note – Many questions related to the project ain’t mentioned. But know your projects very well.

Round 3(Technical+HR Interview):

  1. Again introduce yourself
  2. How was your previous round?
  3. Difference between SOAP and RESTful API.
  4. Difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
  5. What you like more Cloud or Machine Learning and why give reason
  6. Your resume seems like you are interested in UI then how will you fit for ML or cloud?
  7. Talk about something where you used Machine Learning and Deep Learning?
  8. In AWS explain some components which attract you the most.
  9. As this is final just tell us in which role you are interested in ML or Cloud and why?
  10. What attracts you about ICICI Lombard?
  11. Do you have any questions for us?

Total 18 candidates were selected from my college.


  • Take screenshots of slides while pre-placement talk(As it was virtual in our case) Otherwise note all the important details, visit the company’s website and know their products, read about it before going for the interview.
  • Just be confident in what you answer and have good examples to support your answers.
  • Geeks for Geeks is the best website for data structures, Must do interview questions according to the company are very useful.
  • Do ask questions to your interviewer. If not then just say as I went through your website and even your pre-placement talk was very informative so I don’t have any doubts everything is clear (something like this which will impress them).
  • There are many companies coming back to back and with very short notice so start your preparation early.
  • Explain whatever you know it may not be the right answer but the interviewer wants to know the approach or just see the way you answer.
  • Prepare for all HR question well in advance.

All the best!!

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