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ICICI Lombard Interview Experience for Cloud Developer | On-Campus 2020(Virtual)

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  • Last Updated : 10 Dec, 2020
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ICICI Lombard came to my college Sardar Patel Institute of Technology to hire for the roles of Machine Learning and Cloud Developer. The process consisted of following 3 rounds.

Coding and Aptitude test: The test took place on mettl platform. There were three sections:  

  1. Coding section: There were three programs to be solved in 60 mins. I was able to solve all of them using a brute force approach. The description was long but the logic was simple.
  2. Technical MCQs:This section had 10 MCQs to be solved in 10 mins. It included basic input/output questions in C and java, some DSA and networking MCQs were also there.
  3. Cognitive Ability: There were 30 questions to be solved in 30 mins. It had Quant, logical reasoning, a few verbal ability questions and data interpretation questions. Quants, logical reasoning and verbal ability questions were simple. The data interpretation questions were very time-consuming.

All these sections had no negative marking so keep the last 30 secs for just marking not attempted questions.  

28 students were shortlisted after this round  

Tech interview: The interviewer asked me my strong skills to which I replied MySQL and DSA. So, he started asking me a series of questions on DBMS. He asked me what is DBMS, what is RDBMS, what does relational in RDBMS stand for, difference between Normalized and De-normalized Database, which database is faster for retrieving data and which is better and why. He asked me about ACID properties. What is referential integrity in RDBMS and why do we need it? What are Triggers and Views? He then asked me about materialized views to which I replied that I haven’t heard about it, and he was quite okay with it. He then asked me how to improve performance of querying your database to which I replied through Indexing and it was the correct answer. What is cursor in SQL. In referential integrity does delete one row affect the table referenced. Then I had Data Analysis mentioned in my skills, so he asked me to explain the process, so I took my data science hackathon project as an example and explained it thoroughly. He asked a few HR questions like whether I am willing to travel, any plans of higher studies and how many members are there in my family.  

Most of the DBMS questions asked were part of the commonly asked interview questions on DBMS found on GeeksforGeeks so be thorough with them.  

18 students were shortlisted after this round.  

Tech+ HR interview: The interviewer asked me about my projects and then asked me my strengths. He also asked me about my technical strengths. Then he asked me about polymorphism and which language I use to code. As I prefer python, he asked me questions on the difference between list and tuple, namespace in python and lambda functions. He asked me if we needed a catch after the try block. So, I answered that catch block isn’t necessary, finally block would also work, and he asked me whether a try block without catch and finally will give an error or be in an infinite loop. Then he asked me about my five-year plan and what interests me more, DBMS or web development.

All 18 students got selected for the I+P offer.  

Important tips:  

  1. For DBMS, SQL, OS and OOP go through the commonly asked interview questions.
  2. Be thorough with your projects.
  3. For Data Structures and Algorithms practice the explore cards on leetcode and also practice mock interviews on leetcode.
  4. GeeksforGeeks is good for DSA theory and aptitude concepts. Refer Indiabix for practicing aptitude.
  5. Be thorough with everything you mention in your resume and if you don’t know something do not bluff instead be honest and inform the interviewer about it.
  6. For java, go through javatpoint thoroughly it has 99% of the java questions asked.

Suggestions: Stay calm during the entire process and if you do not get selected it is not always because you don’t know something it is also dependent on the company requirements, your panelist, the time your interview is scheduled and all these factors. Luck plays a major role in all these things. Trust yourself and your hard work and just remember what’s yours will come to you eventually.

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