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Icertis Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer | Off-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 19 Jan, 2022

Icertis conducted an off-campus hiring for fresher BTech graduates of 2021 batch to hire Associate Software Engineers for their Product Delivery Team.

Round1(Online Test): The first round comprised of a total of 60 questions including programming, aptitude, logical, verbal ability, data interpretation, C/C++/Java output questions, and technical portions (Test Duration: 2 hour)

  • There were 2 programming questions, both of them were of medium/hard difficulty. One question was from dynamic programming and the other one was from trees. Coding languages available were Java, C, C++ & Python.
  • I was able to solve one question completely and the second one partially. Suggestion: I would suggest to practice DSA questions as much as possible especially from topics like LinkedLists, Trees & Dynamic Programming.
  • Apart from programming questions, there were 58 MCQs based on Aptitude & Program Outputs. Most of them were very easy to solve. Suggestion: I would suggest doing practice from sites like GeeksforGeeks, Indiabix, etc. as it will give the confidence to solve problems. Some problems asked in the test are exactly the same.

After 20-25 days, I received a call from the HR that I was shortlisted for the Technical Round.

Round 2(Technical Round): The technical round was hosted on MS Teams. The interviewer first made me comfortable by introducing himself and then asked for my introduction. After introduction, he asked me questions regarding OOPs, Dbms, Dsa, Sql, and Cloud. 

Some of them are mentioned below :

  1. What do you understand by OOPs concept? Explain each concept with code implementations.
  2. Write a pseudo code for BST traversal and tell me about different BST traversals.
  3. What is the difference between Array & Linked List and which one is better ( he gave me a scenario)
  4. What is Indexing in DBMS? Why do we use Indexing and what are its different types?
  5. What are Triggers?
  6. What is a Stored Procedure? What is the difference between a function & stored procedure?

Apart from these questions, he asked me to explain about my any one project. I had done projects on Machine Learning during my college so I told him about it. He was very interested in my project and asked me a lot of questions regarding it. Also, I had mentioned cloud technology in my resume so he asked what all I knew about cloud technology and cloud platforms like Azure, AWS and GCP. 

The interview was scheduled in the morning and went on for 45mins. The interviewer was very friendly and appreciating. My interview went well and within an hour I got a call from HR that was I was shortlisted for the next round. 

Tip: Be prepared for a resume based interview and Computer Science Fundamentals(mainly OOPs & Dbms)

Round 3(HR Round): My HR round was scheduled for evening on the same day. 

  • The interviewer was the Lead of Talent Acquisition. He was very generous and great to talk to. The primary purpose of the HR round is to check your communication skills and whether your personality aligns well with the companies value system (FORTE values).
  • My interview went for 40-45mins and it had general HR and managerial questions. The primary focus of the interviewer was whether I was aware about the companies FORTE principles. 


  • The company values its FORTE principles. 
  • Make sure you research well about Icertis before the interview. 
  • Be confident and try to include FORTE principles in your answers.

Final Verdict – Selected



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