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IBM Interview Experience for Associate System Engineer (Off-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2021

Hello Everyone, Everything held virtual. As it was an off-campus event. All stages are Elimination Rounds. There were 4 rounds. Experience is based on my experience which I gave in May 2021.

Round 1(Coding Assessments): Online coding round was held on hacker rank . There are only one coding questions. Question was of basic level. I was able to pass only 4/7 test cases was the cutoff. 

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  1. The question was ” Mixed fraction to improper fraction conversion” which you can practice online. And yes they provide all the basic language to solve the problem.

Round 2(Cognitive Ability Assessment): It went for half an hour. The kinds of skills and competencies that are being tested by this assessment are similar to the standard aptitude .

  • There is a series of five gamified assessments which we have to take are – Shortcuts, Gridlocks, Resemble, Numbubbles, Tally up. 
  • All the games are available on playstore make sure to practice. Only 5% gets eliminated in this round.

Round 3(English Language Test): Some important topics were Active/ Passive Voice, Fill in the blanks, Spotting Error, Spellings, Synonyms, Tenses, and Articles. 

  • We have been given 15 minutes for 4 sections. 
  • There were no negative marking. Level of the question was basic only. so try to solve as many question as you can. 
  • Make sure to solve 40+ questions. 
  • Only 10% people get eliminated in this round. Only 5% gets eliminated in this round also.

Round 4(Interview): The round went for around 30 minutes. 

  • They focus on our situational question only . The very less technical question they ask. 
  • Be confident be honest with your resume, read about IBM.

The whole process will take 45 days.

All the best.


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