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How to sort date in excel using Pandas?

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  • Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2020
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In these articles, We will discuss how to import an excel file in a single Dataframe and sort the Date in a given column on. Suppose our Excel file looks like these:


To get the excel file used click here.

Approach :

  • Import Pandas module
  • Make DataFrame from Excel file
  • sort the date column with DataFrame.sort_value() function
  • Display the Final DataFrame

Step 1: Importing pandas module and making DataFrame form excel.


# import module
import pandas as pd
# making data frame from excel file
df = pd.read_excel('excel_work\sample_date.xlsx')
print("Original DataFrame")

Output :

Step 2: Sorting date with DataFrame.sort_value() function.


# sorting date with sort_value() function
Final_result = df.sort_values('Joining Date')
print(" Sorted Date DataFrame")

Output :

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