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How to Register a Domain Name ?

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  • Last Updated : 20 May, 2022

For online businesses and for blogs there is always a requirement for the website and for that website we also need the website name so that by referring to that name anybody can be reached that website and start exploring the website. In the Internet world, this name is called the Domain Name for the website.

For the good website name, it should be matched with the niche, information, and services which is going to provide by the website.  In this article, we are going to see how we can buy the best domain name for our website and what are procedures we should keep in mind during the domain purchase.

Domain Names: Every website on the Internet has its IP (Internet Protocol) address and this IP address points to the particular website through which we can reach that website but this IP address is hard to remember the IP address for the websites which we want to reach because the IP address will look something like that –

That’s why remembering all these numbers is a little bit challenging and hence exploring the website, to solve all these challenges the system called DNS (Domain Name System) came into existence which converts the IP address into Domain name and vice versa. which makes it easy to remember the name that is pointing to the particular IP address of any website these names are called the Domain name.

For example “” is the domain name which it pointing to the particular IP address. When we type the domain name to our browser URL bar then the DNS converts this domain name to the IP address and we become able to explore that particular website.

Types of Domain: According to the structure of the domain, the domains are of two types the first one is Second-Level Domains (SLDs) and the second one is Top-Level Domains (TLDs).

1. Second-Level Domains (SLDs): Second-Level Domains are the starting of the website name and it comes left of the extension of the domain name for Example- here “geeksforgeeks” is the SLD. It can contain the alphabets, numbers, and special characters as you want the name for your website. but it should be short and easy to remember.

2. Top-Level Domain (TLDs): These are the domain extensions that always come after the SLDs. These are letters that come after the dot (.) there are many TLDs available but let’s some of the popular TLDs on the internet.

  • .com: It is the short form of the “commercial” word and this was the first TLD and most popular for the business and commercial websites.
  • .net: It is the short form of the “network” word and this TLD is for the technology-related website but now it is commonly used for many websites.
  • .edu: It is the short form of the “education” word and this TLD is used for Educational websites.
  • .org: It is the short form of the “organization” word and this TLD is for the organizational websites.
  • .gov: It is the short form of the “government” word and this TLD is used for the government websites.
  • .mil: It is the short form of the “military” word and this TLD is strictly used for the U.S military and government agencies.

There are also many TLDs available but these are the most common ones and also there are country-specific TLDs available such as .in for India, .pk for Pakistan, etc. 

How to choose the Perfect Domain Name: Choosing the perfect domain name is one of the challenging tasks for any online business and building an online brand. Now a day it’s hard to get the easy-to-remember domain name but if you are a little bit imaginary and try then you will surely get a good domain name for your online presence.

Let’s see what are things we should keep in mind during the purchase of any domain name:

1. Choose the brandable Name: Choose the right domain name which will sound real and not the generic one. so that the people feel that it is the trusted and brand website, you should also keep in mind that the domain name should be easy to remember for the visitors. For example – is easy to remember and also its name points to some technical words related to the programming world.

2. Choose the right domain name extension: Nowadays .com extension is one of the most popular domain extensions or TLD and most trusted by visitors. If you don’t have any other purpose for your website then .com extension is best for the domain name. The domain name extensions don’t affect the ranking of your website on Google, it is claimed by Google itself.

If you are going for other domain extensions then always make sure that on which category your website belongs to then choose the perfect extension for the website.

3. Make sure that the domain name is short and easy to remember: Always choose the short and easy-to-remember domain name so that the visitors will find it easy to explore the particular website with its domain name. Use the word which denotes the niche of your website in the domain name and hence also helps you in the SEO factor to rank your website in the search engine.

If the domain name of your website is short and related to the niche of your website then it becomes easy to remember for the visitors to remember the website domain name.

Avoid the numbers and hyphens in the domain name as it makes the domain name hard to remember and a little bit confusing for the visitors and hence you will lose the traffic. 

4. Use the Domain Name Generator: Sometimes it becomes hard to think of a good domain name related to your niche and it becomes too hard when you are not too creative then the Domain name generator is one of the good options to choose the best domain name for your blog or online business. This tool will provide the ideas about the domain name and then choose the domain name which you like and then check for the availability of the domain name in the domain availability checker.

How you can buy the Domain Name?

Here we have supposed that you have decided on your domain name by researching every idea about the domain name and now you are ready to purchase the domain name. let’s see what are procedures we should follow while purchasing the domain name step by step –

Step 1: Choose any of the Domain registrar companies which you like. For example: GoDaddy, Hostinger, and many more companies provide the domain. what you have to do is that first, you have to create the account on any of these companies and then you are ready for the further process.

Step 2: Every domain registrar company has the domain availability checker tool, check whether the domain is available or not which you want to buy. if the domain name is available then you are lucky to go for the further process or you should try for any other domain name.

Step 3: After selecting the domain name you should have to move to the next process, you should have to enter the contact information and the details regarding the time period of the domain over which you want to buy.

Step 4: The last and final process is that you should have to pay for your domain name on the payment page of that particular company on which you are buying the domain name and finally after the successful payment the domain is yours.

This is how you can buy any of the available domains from any of the registrar companies easily and start your journey online.

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