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How to Prevent Port Scan Attacks?

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  • Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2022
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Cyber attacks are rising with the ever-growing internet use. The Internet has become essentially the modern times. The understanding of the Internet and the use of the internet is thus very essential. Security of Cyber Technology is really important and a necessity in today’s time. Cyber security is significant as it is significant for people to safeguard their individual personal/organizational data that are present on the web. 

Safeguarding and protecting personal/organizational information is well protected by constitutional laws. Thus, attackers fall under legal punishment for breaching the privacy of users by stealing any of their data and can be heavily penalized for this attack. Awareness of cyber security is very essential for the protection of data and keeping the data less likely within the reach of attackers.

Here, in this article, we will discuss one very essential topic concerning the security of computer devices that can breach security of the computer devices—Port Scanning. Port scanning is extremely dangerous and if individuals/organizations are well-informed and aware of this cyber attack timely then Port Scanning can be prevented from occurring.

 Port Scan Attack


Port scanning:

  • Port scanning is a method adopted by cybercriminals to identify open ports of the computer. 
  • Computers make use of many ports for their functioning and operation. These include both open and closed ports. 
  • The open ports in computer networks are used by the cyber attackers for committing the port scanning cyber crime by getting into the system through this mechanism.

How does Port Scanning Perform:

  • Port scanning is the method adopted to identify the soft target open ports that help them commit the cyber attack.
  • Port scanning is risky as the open ports become points through which data stealing and information loss take place without the owner of the computer devices being aware that any such cybercrime is being carried out on their devices.
  • The open ports are points of contact used by cybercriminals for getting inside the secure setup of the organization.
  • The open ports give cybercriminals access to the private, confidential information of the user/organization. 
  • The open ports act as easy targets that can make organizations prey on cyber crimes.

Protection from Port Scanning:

Protecting computer devices from cyber crimes like ‘Port Scanning’ is extremely important. Below listed are some ways through which port scanning can be prevented:

1. Firewall protection:

  • A proper firewall ensures that ports are not open for vulnerable attacks by Cybercriminals. 
  • Ports are opened for a limited time interval and after that ports are closed while keeping check with constant monitoring of the ports of computer devices.
  • Firewalls also prevent unauthorized access to the computer network, thus preventing cyber attacks like the occurrence of attack of attacks on open ports.

2. Port scanning the system regularly:

  • Keeping a regular check on the port scanning of your computer device is very important.
  • This regular check of the port scanning of the device can help detect any suspicious port scanning activity immediately and it can then be taken into action and prevented if timely detected.
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