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How To Prepare For AMCAT 2023?

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AMCAT is one of the largest employability tests taken by a lot of job seekers every year. AMCAT helps students or Job seekers to examine their skills and get recognized by industries and to find ample career opportunities. 

AMCAT test is an adaptive test, which means that the order of questions is not fixed. It solely depends on whether you answer the current question correctly or not. If the current question is answered correctly by the user then the next question will be a bit tougher than the current one. 

AMCAT Syllabus

There are generally five different sections in an AMCAT exam if you are preparing for a JOB in the IT industry. 

  • English Verbal: The questions in this section are generally prepared to test the applicant’s written English skills and communication skills.
  • Quantitative Ability: The questions in this section are generally prepared to test the applicant’s numerical ability and ability to solve mathematical problems.
  • Logical Ability: The questions in this section assesses the capacity of an individual to interpret things objectively, to be able to perceive and interpret trends to make generalizations, and to be able to analyze assumptions behind an argument/statement.
  • Computer Programming: The questions in this section are generally used to test the entry-level knowledge of computer science. You can expect questions from Basic Programming like C, C++, Java & Python, Data Structures, OOPs, etc.
  • Domain Specific (Computer Science): If you are preparing for the role of a CS engineer, your domain will be Computer Science. For Computer Science, this section will cover questions from Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, DBMS, etc.

Note: The above syllabus is specifically for students who are preparing for Jobs in CS/IT sector. For a detailed syllabus of AMCAT, please visit AMCAT Syllabus

Below is the section-wise detailed syllabus of AMCAT: 



English Verbal Quantitative Ability Logical Ability Computer Programming Computer Science
  • Vocabulary 
    1. Synonyms
    2. Antonyms
    3. Contextual Vocabulary
  • Grammar 
    1. Error Identification ( Learn )
    2. Sentence Improvement and Construction ( Learn )
  • Comprehension 
    Reading Comprehension( Learn )
  • Deductive Reasoning 
    1. Coding deductive logic
    2. Data Sufficiency, Directional Sense, Logical Word Sequence
    3. Objective Reasoning
    4. Selection decision tables
    5. Puzzles
  • Inductive reasoning 
    1. Coding pattern and Number series pattern recognition
    2. Analogy and Classification pattern recognition
  • Abductive Reasoning 
    1. Logical word sequence
    2. Data sufficiency
  • Operating System and Computer Architecture 


  1. Basics of OS and Computer Architecture
  2. Process Management and Synchronization
  3. Memory and I/O Management
  • DBMS 
    1. Data model
    2. Relational Algebra and SQL
    3. Normalization, Architecture, Indexing
  • Computer Networks 
    1. Basics of networking and communication
    2. OSI, TCP/IP layers and protocols
    3. Network Devices and Routing Algorithms


AMCAT Section-wise Cut-Off

Below are the section-wise details of the AMCAT exam including the number of questions, the time allotted for each section and cut-off percentile. 

Section No. of Questions Total Time( In minutes ) Cut Off percentile
Verbal English 18 16 80 percentile
Quantitative Ability 16 18 75 percentile
Logical Ability 14 16 75 percentile
Computer Programming 25 35 80 percentile
Computer Science 26 25 75 percentile

AMCAT Eligibility Criteria

There are no such criteria for Academic Records to appear in the AMCAT test but you can re-appear for the test only after 3 months or 90 days. Apart from this 90 days criteria, there are no such criteria for percentage and academic records. 

Who is eligible for AMCAT? 

Anyone can appear for the AMCAT test if they have registered and paid the registration fee. AMCAT is used by many companies to hire employees as per their requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions for AMCAT 2023

Q1. What is the registration fee? 

Ans. Generally, the fee for AMCAT registration is Rs. 1100+GST, you may refer to MyAMCAT for current offers and fee details. 

Q2. What is the validity of the AMCAT score? 

Ans. Your AMCAT score will be valid for 1 year.

Q3. Is AMCAT easy or tough?

Ans. Questions asked in AMCAT previous year exams are observed to be easy but as the test is time-bound, so it becomes difficult to solve all of the questions.

Q4. How much percentile can get me an interview call from companies? 

Ans. You need to score at least 80 percentile to get calls from various companies. Scoring above the 80 percentile will increase your chances of getting an interview call.

Q5. Is the AMCAT exam alone enough to assure a good job? 

Ans. No, it’s not. Scoring well in the AMCAT exams can only get you referred to companies. To get a job you will have to perform well in the interviews also. 

Q6. How many attempts are there for AMCAT?

Ans. You can give the AMCAT exam as many times as you want. However, you need to wait for 45 days to reappear for the exam. 

Q7. Can I give AMCAT in 3rd year?

Ans. Yes, you can give the AMCAT exam in 3rd year as well. 



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Last Updated : 19 Dec, 2022
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