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How To Make Invisible Wireless Router?

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  • Last Updated : 03 Mar, 2023
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One of the finest things you can do to improve the security of your home network system is to conceal your wireless network. It makes it considerably harder for users to use your Wi-Fi for free and harder for hackers to break into your system and steal sensitive data. Securing your wireless network should be a priority, especially if you reside in an apartment building. A wireless network is a computer network that is not connected to any type of cable. It is fully wireless that uses wireless data connections between network nodes. The wireless network does not require any cable or wires, wireless network made communication easier when the user is moving. For security purpose hiding your wireless network increase the security of your system. It makes it much more difficult to access your system and steal your most important information. Securing your wireless network is a significant move for users to avoid any kind of problem. Here is a step-by-step guide to Make Your Wireless Network Invisible. In this article, we will talk about how to make the hotspot network invisible to others.

  • Open the setting
  • Go to other wireless connections
  • Open personal hotspot
  • Open personal hotspot settings
  • Off the visible other devices settings

Make your Mobile Network Invisible

1. Open the setting from the main menu.


2. Go to other wireless connections there is an option for other wireless connections in the setting, tap the other wireless connections and move to the next step.


3.  Open the personal hotspot for network sharing.


4. Open personal hotspot settings there is an option for personal hotspot settings in the personal hotspot, when it opens your device’s hotspot setting get opens.


5. Off the visible other devices settings every device can visible hotspot network if you enable it visible to other devices but if you disable or off this setting any device can not access or visible your network. Change the setting and save. Now your hotspot network is ready to be invisible.

Connect Hotspots to Invisible Networks

After disabling the visible device, the other device can connect hotspot only to enter the name or SSID and password, if you enter the right name and password you get connected to the other’s hotspot.

Step 1. Open the hidden network.


Step 2. Enter the name or SSID, for connecting the hotspot you must know the Name or SSID.


Step 3. In the next step, you enter the security key or password.


Make your Router Invisible

Step 1: Type the IP address of your router on your Browser.

Router IP


Step 2: Enter the credentials of router to login.


Step 3: Select “Home Network/Wireless Network/WLAN” or a comparable option once you are in the network control panel. This is the area of the control panel where you can change some of the network’s default settings. You can configure the network by selecting the option. This button might have the words “Configure” or “Modify” or a similar phrase.


Step 4: Uncheck any choice that includes the phrase “Broadcast Network Name.” The selection may read “Hide SSID.” You can stop your browser from automatically broadcasting its name to anyone with a WiFi-capable device by making this modification. However, keep in mind that anyone you want to join to your network will now need to enter the network name into their device.


Step 5: Take a look at these extra choices if you want to make your browser more secure. You are probably concerned about anyone accessing your network if you’re attempting to make your network invisible. Hiding your network’s SSID won’t do much to help. The radio waves that your router continuously emits can still be intercepted by hackers, giving them access to your network. Make the following adjustments in the same area of the control panel where you concealed your SSID:

  • Switch on MAC filtering. All WiFi-capable devices have unique identifiers called MAC (Media Access Control) addresses. You will need to manually enter the addresses that have access to your wireless network if you set MAC filtering.
  • Put WPA2 encryption on. One of the best ways to improve the security of your network is to use WPA2 encryption. Go to the security tab in the control panel for your network. From any drop-down list or option list, choose WPA2. A PSK will be requested of you (Pre-shared key). Any device connecting to your network will need to enter this key before they can access the network. Try to extend its life as much as you can by keeping it in a secure location.


Step 6: Select “Apply” or a button that looks similar. The changes you made to your network have been updated.


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