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How to Make an Infographic in PowerPoint?

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When it comes to Text and Shape formatting in PowerPoint, then it provides many options which can be used to create mind-blowing Infographics. Whether you want to use this infographic as a logo, image, or vector graphics, it’s up to you. PowerPoint provides many text formatting options which give you the desired output. 

See the below example of text formatting:



Only the size and position of each character are different in the above image, thus giving it a beautiful look. 

Steps to Design and Format Text Font to Use as an Infographic

So to start creating a good infographic, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the text you want to use to create a text graphic. It should not be too big ( can be 2-3 words long). Usually, a word is always the center of attraction among all words. So it’s better not to create graphics of all the words. Just use that center of attraction. For example, in the above image, I have just used the word Triangle. The rest of the words are normally written. But it’s up to you, whether to use 1 word or more. 
  2. Now our next step would be to separate all the characters from that word. If you want to give the same design to all the letters then there is no need to separate the characters from the words. But as in the example above, I have different sizes and positions of each character in the word Triangle, so it’s again up to you which type of design you would like to create. 
  3. The next thing is placing the characters in a specific position and changing their size. There is no formula to calculate the position on which you should place each character, you have to decide on the basis of whether it’s looking good or not. In the above infographics, I just imagined where each character will look great. 
  4. Like the character R is looking good if we attach it with T, Similarly for N and G, L can be used to put E inside it, using the space of L, and similarly, A is also looking good with N. Also sometimes it matters which character case you are using, for N, I am using lowercase but for others, I am using Uppercase, 
  5. So, it’s all up to your imagination and the power of creativity. 

Learning to Create

Step 1: First, open a blank PowerPoint Slide. By default, it is not blank. To create a blank slide in PowerPoint (Go to -> Home -> Layout -> Choose the blank slide). Think of it as a blank canvas and use your tools to fill it. 



Step 2: Now color the background if you want. Here I will choose a black color to color the background. For coloring the background, you need to open the format background pane. For opening that right click on the blank slide -> click on format background -> Select the color. See the below image:



Step 3: After coloring the background, take a textbox from the HOME tab and put it on the slide. Write down the characters and duplicate that text box. When you write in the text box, it may be possible that the text is not visible on the black background. Just change the color of the text to a white or lighter color as shown in the image below:



Step 4: For duplicating a text box or shape or anything else in PowerPoint -> select that image, shape, or text box and click ctrl+d. Change the characters in each duplicate box as shown in the image below :



We have taken the GEEKS FOR GEEKS text to format. You can choose your own text. 

Step 5: Now select each box and go to the Shape format toolbar to format the text. Here on the right side, you will be able to see the text effect option which we will use to give a new look to the words. For transforming a word -> Go to -> text effects -> transform ->choose the first option from the WRAP section 



Do this for each and every word. You can also choose the wrapping style according to the need of the design. 

Step 6: By transforming the text, if you resize the text then you will get to know that the text is using all the areas of the box. And it will change according to the space in the box. So if you resize the box the text will become taller, shorter, etc. So you can try to resize the box according to your need. You can rotate the text as I have rotated it in the image given below. Also, you can change the font of the text. 



Step 7: You can also change the colors accordingly. It is all up to your imagination. So do Whatever it takes to make the text beautiful. Try different options to make it look good. Add shapes, images, etc. This is the final output:



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Last Updated : 03 Jan, 2023
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