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How to Make a Comparison Chart in Excel?

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 24 May, 2022
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A comparison chart is a general kind of chart or diagram which shows the comparison of two or more objects or groups of objects. This comparison diagram shows qualitative and/or quantitative information data. Generally, it is recommended to use a bar or column chart for representing the comparison data because, as readers (human beings) we are good at comparing the lengths of bars or columns rather than reading values from a table as a summary. Comparison charts also reduce the time for analyzing a large number of datasets. In this example, we will try to compare the sales of different courses in two different regions of a country.

Step By Step Implementation of Comparison chart in Excel

Step 1: Create a dataset

In this step, we will be inserting random financial sales data of a product for three different states into our excel sheet. Insert the following data in your excel sheet. Below is the screenshot of the random data that we will use for our comparison chart. 


Fig 1 – Dataset

Step 2: Formatting our dataset

In this step, we will try to format our dataset, In order to make it easy to visualize and understand the dataset. We have multiple state names for different cities, we will merge the state name into a single cell. For this, select the cells for the common state, and then in HOME Tab click on Merge & Center option. We will also set the center alignment for the text.


Fig 2 – Merging the cells

Once we click over the Merge & Center option, Excel will popup a window asking for merging cells, click OK.


Fig 3 – Merging cells popup

Once we click on OK, the excel will merge two cells into one single cell.


Fig 4 – Merged cells

Now, we need to put the state name in the center of the cells. In order to do that, we need to select the column, and in HOME Tab, we need to make the text alignment to the center.


Fig 5 – Center alignment for cell’s text

Once we align our text as the center, this will make our dataset easy to visualize. Below is the screenshot attached.


Fig 6 – Center alignment

We need to repeat the same steps for the remaining two different state data.


Fig 7 – Dataset

Step 3: Inserting empty column between each data

In this step, we will insert an empty column between different states’ names. This will make our dataset easy to understand and visualize. Below is the screenshot attached for our dataset.


Fig 8 – Dataset

Step 4: Inserting comparison chart

In this step, we will insert our comparison chart for our dataset. For this, we need to select our dataset and go to the INSERT tab, and in the charts section, insert the comparison chart.


Fig 9 – Inserting comparison chart

Once we insert the chart. The excel will automatically draw the comparison chart depending on the data values. Below is the screenshot attached for our comparison chart.


Fig 10 – Output

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