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How to Install SQLplus on Windows?

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 04 Jan, 2023
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Sqlplus is an interface provided by Oracle database to interact only with Oracle Database. It is having the flexibility to write some Oracle specifics code. Sqlplus is a tool created by Oracle for its Oracle DB. It is a very popular tool since it comes. It has its own syntax in addition to supporting SQL. Hence, it is called Sqlplus.


  • It is basically a tool to write some Oracle-specific codes.
  • It acts as an editor for writers & executes SQL query

Installing SQLPlus on Windows:

Follow the below steps to install SQLPlus on windows:

Step 1: First browse to this link.

Step 2: Then we have to click on the download button on the right side.

Step 3: Then on the next page you will find the Start Download button. There you have to click.

Step 4: Then in the downloaded zip file there will be a setup.exe file. We have to click & run it.

Step 5: Then the installation will start.

Step 6: Then you have to accept terms & click on Next

Step 7: Then you have to enter a password & confirm it. You have to remember the password for future references.

Step 8: Then click Install.

Step 9: Installation will start & it may take some time.

Step 10: After installation, you will find oraclexe folder in the C drive.

Step 11: You have to enter that folder. Then bin folder there you will find sqlplus exe file. So, your installation is successfully completed.

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