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How to install SQLite 3 in Ubuntu

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  • Last Updated : 03 Jun, 2022

SQLite is a C language package that includes a free and lightweight Relational Database Management System (RDMS). A “client-server” database engine is another name for it. Almost all programming languages have SQLite support built-in, and it may be integrated using the “.sqlite3/.sqlite/.DB” extension. SQLite is also largely used for client-side or local storage.
This article will go through how to install SQLite 3 in Ubuntu 22.04. So, let’s get started!

Steps for Installation

Step 1: Update the system repositories.

To update system repositories, open the terminal on your Ubuntu 22.04 and enter the following commands:

sudo apt update


sudo apt upgrade


Step 2: Install SQLite 3.

After upgrading the system repositories, use the following command in Ubuntu 22.04 to install SQLite3:

sudo apt install sqlite3


The absence of errors indicates that SQLite3 has been successfully installed on the Ubuntu 22.04 system.

Step 3: Check the SQLite installation.

Finally, confirm the installed software’s version by using the “sqlite” command with the “–version” option:

sqlite3 --version


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