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How to Install python3-rtmidi in Windows?

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  • Last Updated : 31 Jan, 2022

RtMidi is a set of C++ classes that provide a cross-platform API for real-time MIDI input/output on Linux, macOS/OS X, and Windows. It is a Python binding package for RtMidi that uses Cython to wrap the RtMidi C++ interface. The API is essentially the same as in C++, but the naming scheme for classes, methods, and parameters has been changed to Python PEP-8 norms and the Python package name structure requirements. It supports Python3.

Installing python-rtmidi on Windows

Method 1: Using pip to install python-rtmidi Package

Follow the below steps to install the python-rtmidi package on Windows using pip:

Step 1: Install the current or latest version of Python3 in windows.

Step 2: Now check if pip and python are correctly installed in the system using the following commands.

python –version

pip –version


Step 3: Upgrade pip to the latest version to avoid errors during installation.

pip install –upgrade pip


Step 4: Enter the following command to install python-rtmidi using pip.

pip install python-rtmidi 


Method 2: Using to install python-rtmidi

Follow the below steps to install the python-rtmidi on Windows using the file:

Step 1: Download the latest source package of python-rtmidi for Python3 from here.

curl > python-rtmidi-1.4.9.tar.gz


Step 2: Extract the downloaded package using the given command.

tar -xzvf python-rtmidi-1.4.9.tar.gz


Step 3: Go to the python-rtmidi-1.4.9 folder and enter the following command to install the package.

cd python-rtmidi-1.4.9

python install


Verifying python-rtmidi installation on Windows

Make the following import in your Python terminal to verify if the installation of python-rtmidi has been done properly:

import rtmidi 


If there is any error while importing the module then the python-rtmidi package is not installed properly.

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