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How to Install Pyrebase4 on Windows?

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  • Last Updated : 25 Apr, 2022
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Pyrebase4 is a python library that is used to interact with Google Firebase. Firebase provides its users with various features like authentication, database, hosting, etc. As Firebase was primarily based on JavaScript, the Pyrebase4 library was created to facilitate the Python developers. In this article, we will see how to install Pyrebase4 on Windows.

Installing Pyrebase4 library on Windows

Follow the below steps to install the Pyrebase4 library on windows:

Step 1: Check if Python is installed or not on your Windows system. So type the following command in the PowerShell/cmd terminal.

python –version



If you don’t have python installed you can refer to the How to Install Python article.

Step 2: Now enter the following command in your terminal window to create a virtual environment.

virtualenv pyrebaseEnv



Step 3: Now we will activate the virtual environment that we just created using the following command.


Step 4: To install the Pyrebase4 library in this environment type the following command.

pip install Pyrebase4



Verifying Pyrebase4 library

Now we will verify the successful installation of the pyrebase library. So type the following command in your terminal


Now we import the library

import pyrebase



After importing the library if we don’t see any errors that means the library was installed correctly and we will go ahead and see its version, if we see any errors while importing the library it means the library was not installed properly

pip show pyrebase4



Congratulations! you have successfully installed the Pyrebase4 library

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