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How to install pgadmin4 in Kali Linux

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pgAdmin is Graphical Interface for PostgreSQL which is a  very popular and feature-rich Open Source administration and development platform. While working with  PostgreSQL we will often need a graphical interface for database management so that we can easily connect our code with the PostgreSQL database. In this article, we will learn how we can install pgadmin4 in Kali Linux.

Note: Make sure you already have PostgreSQL installed on your system. For installing PostgreSQL on Linux, check out this article.

Installation of pgadmin4 in Kali  Linux

Step 1: At first, We have to install the public key by using the following command.

sudo curl | sudo apt-key add

Install Public Key


Step 2: Next we have to create the repository configuration file by using the following command.

sudo sh -c ‘echo “deb pgadmin4 main” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pgadmin4.list && apt update’

Creating Repository Configuration


Step 3: Next, install the pgadmin4 on our system using the following command.

sudo apt install pgadmin4
Installing pgadmin4

already installed in our system

Step 4: Search for pgadmin4 on our Application Finder and we will find it installed hence proving we have successfully installed it. 

Searching Application


Wait for some time, the pgadmin4 will get started.

Interface is started


Provide any suitable password, which will be used to unlock the database servers.

Interface Started Successfully


That’s all, now we can work with the PostgreSQL database easily from our graphical interface.


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Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2022
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