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How to Install mcrypt extension in xampp?

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  • Last Updated : 01 Feb, 2022

MCrypt replaces the old crypt() package and the crypt(1) command, with add-ons. MCrypt is a file encryption method. It uses secure techniques to exchange data. It enables users to encrypt files or data streams without the need for cryptography. It allows developers to use a wide range of encryption features, with no drastic changes to their code. It also gives a really neat code on your machine. 

Features of mcrypt

Some important features of mcrypt are:

  • Provides an algorithmic vulnerability.
  • Compression before encryption provides efficiency, faster encryption, and safety of data.
  • Error Recovery: The CFB mode used in MCrypt will retrieve deleted files from the file or stream in BCE, CBC, and OFB modes. MCrypt also utilizes a 32-bit CRC to verify errors in encrypted files.
  • It ensures that no important data are written to disk.


Verifying  mcrypt is installed or not

To verify the IMAP extension is installed or not you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open XAMPP click on the Config button and open php.ini in your editor.


Step 2: Search for the following phrase in the php.ini file.



Step 3: If not found, you can follow the below steps to install mcrypt.


Installing and Enabling MCrypt extension in XAMPP

Step 1: Download the suitable version of mcrypt package for your system using the official website.

Step 2: A zip file will be downloaded. Now extract the zip file and then paste the ” php_mcrypt.dll ” file in the following directory.


Step 3: Open XAMPP, and click on the Config button then open php.ini in your editor.


Step 4: Paste the following phrase in the php.ini file like as shown in the picture.



Step 5: Now restart the XAMPP server to see the effects. You can also go to the PHPInfo(by clicking on admin in XAMPP) page to verify the installation.


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