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How to Install GitHub Copilot on VSCode?

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GitHub Copilot is an AI tool developed by OpenAI and GitHub. Its purpose is to help developers using Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like Visual Studio Code by autocompleting code. It is currently only available as a technical preview, so only users who have been accepted on the waitlist may access it. It is the most effective for developers writing code in Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, TypeScript and Ruby.


A PC with a valid installation of VS Code

Procedure to Install GitHub Copilot on VS Code

Step 1: Open VS Code. On Windows, you can do so by searching for it in the Windows Search Bar. If you are unable to locate VS Code, install it using this tutorial for Windows and this tutorial for Linux.



Step 2: Click on the Extensions button, or use the shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + X (on Windows), Cmd + Shift + X (on Mac).



Step 3: Search for the extension ‘GitHub Copilot‘ and then click on ‘Install‘.



Step 4: You may then be prompted to enter your GitHub credentials. Click on Sign in to GitHub, then click on Allow and enter your GitHub credentials.





Step 5: If you are signed in successfully, you should be able to view the GitHub Copilot extension in your extensions list. If you are not on the waitlist yet, you may receive a dialog box like this:



Click on “Join the waitlist” to be added to the waitlist for access to GitHub Copilot.

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Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2022
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