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How to Install Git on Raspberry Pi?

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  • Last Updated : 24 Feb, 2022
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Git is a distributed version control system. It is a software that is used to handle some project work in a team or group. Without hampering others’ work you can easily do your contribution to the project by using Git. We all can use Git in our machine just by installing it. But, while you are using it in Raspberry Pi we have to install properly Raspberry OS. It is the most important prerequisite. Without it, you can not be able to install and use it further. If you do not install Raspberry Pi OS then you can not open the terminal which was provided along with it. If you can not open the terminal you can not write the proper command to install the Git or any other applications.


  • It has distributed version control system. So, it works easier than the centralized version control system.
  • It is small & faster than a centralized version control system.
  • It has both local & remote repositories which help team members to work on any project without making any fatal changes.

Step to Install Git on Raspberry Pi

To install Git on Raspberry pi follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open the terminal of Raspberry Pi OS, then write the following command:

sudo apt update


This will update the existing version of your Raspberry Pi OS.

Step 2: Then write the following command to install Git

sudo apt install git


Step 3: Then write ‘Y’ to proceed further. And wait for some time to install


Step 4: Then write the following commands step by step. Which will give proper output. If you get ‘repo’ in the output. Then it is confirmed that it is installed correctly

sudo mkdir /repo

cd /



Here, further, you don’t need to configure anymore. After it, you can directly move, create a new project & work on it as usual. 

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