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How to Install DivX Software on Windows?

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  • Last Updated : 31 Jan, 2023
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We encounter certain third-party offers when installing the DivX Software for free, which the users might find useful. During the installation procedure, it is always possible to reject these offers for optional software. We are able to give our consumers a free edition of our software thanks to the offers and advertisements in it. And keep in mind that the DivX installer that is downloaded directly from our website never contains any viruses; if your anti-virus program is flagging us, it usually means that the DivX Software recently underwent an update or release, and the anti-virus definitions are not yet up to date.

Features of DivX

  • Secure Adaptive Streaming: The original streaming solutions made use of a process known as “progressive streaming,” which, to put it simply, involved sending a single video clip across the Internet for playing on any device. Standard definition content was typically fine with this, however progressive streaming encountered performance and quality problems at higher resolution settings on various devices or at varying bandwidths.
  • True 1080p High Definition Support: Streaming video frequently advertises itself as “HD” despite only delivering 720p rather than the superior 1080p. Up to 1080p, the DivX adaptive streaming solution would scale well.
  • Multiple language tracks and subtitles: One of the main benefits of physical DVDs was the simplicity with which you could switch between them. The majority of streaming services at the time had this limitation, however, DivX Plus Streaming┬« would offer a complete DVD-like language experience.
  • Trick-play Features: Any Blu-ray DVD had the option to pause, rewind, fast-forward, and restart playback right away. On the countless streaming services that now clog every TV screen, those functionalities are now taken for granted, but in 2011, the streaming playback experience was much more constrained. 

Steps to Install DivX in Windows

Step 1: We will Download the DivX .exe file in windows using the below link,



Step 2: After launching the .exe file, we will select the following option.



Step 3: We will Accept the License Agreement And Click the next button.



Step 4: We will Select the New Components and click the next button.



Step 5: The installation is started now wait 5 min.



Step 6: The installation is completed now click the finish button.



The software is ready to use.



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