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How To Install Chromecast on Laptop?

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  • Last Updated : 02 Oct, 2022
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Chromecast is a group of TV dongles that plug into your TV’s HDMI port to add smart features to your TV. Google launched his first Chromecast in 2013, updated it with his Chromecast 2 in 2015, and updated it again in 2018 with his third-generation Chromecast. In 2016, Google announced the Chromecast Ultra. It works just like its predecessor but offers the ability to stream 4K streams. Chromecast Ultra also supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring plenty of connectivity for your more demanding streams. The Chromecast Ultra continues to be the device that displays Google Stadia on your TV. 


  • Chromecast is a revolutionary way to watch content on your TV. We take a look at how to install Chromecast on a laptop so that you can enjoy all of your favorite YouTube videos and anything from the Chrome browser on your TV.
  • Chromecast is a small device that plugs into the HDMI port of your TV. 
  • Once you plug it in, you can use your phone, tablet, or laptop to cast videos and music to your TV. 
  • You just open the Google Home app, find the content you want to watch on YouTube or other supported apps, then tap on it and select “cast.”

Setting up Google Chromecast: 

  • Step 1: Connect Chromecast to your laptop.
  • Step 2: Download the Google Chrome extension for your computer or mobile device.
  • Step 3: Download the Chromecast app for Android or iOS.
    Open the app and search for any movie, music, or video that you would like to watch on your TV set. If you are on a Mac, just click the cast icon at the top of the screen and press “cast” to let it initiate a streaming session to your TV set. Just click “stop casting” when that is completed.
  • Step 4: Go to http://ip.address/ Chromecast and sign in with your Google account.
    The default URL for Chromecast is http://ip.address/chromecast. Chromecast is usually on the same infrastructure as the router, so you may know the IP address of your Chromecast to use this URL instead of typing in the entire address.
  • Step 5: Open the Chrome browser, go to YouTube or any other video website and play your video right away! You can also stream music from Google Play Music, Pandora, or any other music service that you have been using in Chrome (GOM is a system extension). Just click “continue casting” below each tab that has a cast icon inside it.
  • Step 6: Click the Chromecast icon and select from your computer/laptop to cast to the Chromecast.
  • Step 7: Select “cast” and then choose any media that you would like to play. After you have found what you are looking for, click “continue casting” after each of them.
  • Step 8: Click the Chromecast icon. Select an item to play on your TV or any other device connected via the same network (i.e., laptop or mobile devices).

Chromecast to Wi-Fi from Laptop and Desktop:

  • Set up your Wi-Fi on your Laptop/Desktop and confirm the connection, then you can start casting from YouTube on the YouTube app on your desktop/laptop to the TV.
  • Now you are ready to cast videos and photos on a TV screen using Chromecast with your supported apps such as YouTube chrome cast App, Google plays movies and TV, Netflix, HBO NOW, etc. 
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