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How to Install Apache Maven on Windows?

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  • Last Updated : 24 Feb, 2022

Apache Maven is an automation tool. The tool is written in Java. It was initially released on 13 July 2004. It is developed by the Apache software foundation. It is part of the Jakarta Project. It is working on two aspects: how software is built, and its dependencies. It was created by Jason van Zyl. It is built by using a plugin-based architecture that allows it to make the use of any application controllable by standard input. It dynamically downloads Java libraries. 

Installing Apache Maven on Windows 

Follow the below steps to install Apache Maven on Windows:

Step 1: Visit the website using any web browser.


Step 2: Click on the Download button.


Step 3: Click on the button.

Step 4: Now check for the executable file in downloads in your system


Step 5:  Now right-click on the file and click on extract here to extract the file.


Step 6: After extracting, you get the extracted folder.


Step 7: Now copy the extracted folder.


Step 8:  Now paste the copy folder in your windows drive in the Program files folder.


Step 9: Now the Permission Windows appears to paste the folder in program files then click on “Continue”.


Step 10: Now open the folder apache maven.


Step 11:  Now after opening the folder then copy the address of the folder in program files.


Step 12: Now click on Start Menu and search “Edit the system environment variables” and open it.


Step 13: After opening System, Variable New window appears, and click on “Environment Variables…”


Step 14: Now click on New under user variable.


Step 15: Now you can write any variable name and then paste the address we copy from program files in the variable value and then click on OK.


Step 16: Now go to the “System variables” Path option and double click on Path or Click on the Edit button.


Step 17: Now click on New Button.


Step 18: After New Paste the address we copy from program files to new.


Step 19: After pasting the address add the \bin in the last and then click on OK.


Step 20: Now click on the OK button.


Step 21: Click on the OK button.


Step 22:   Now your Apache Maven is installed on your computer. You may check by going to the “Start” menu typing Command Prompt. Open it.


Step 23: When the Command Prompt opens, type mvn -version and click the enter button on the keyboard.


Step 24:  Now command prompt shows the version of Apache Maven installed on your windows.


You have successfully installed Apache Maven on your Windows 10 system.

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