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How to Install ALZip on Windows?

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  • Last Updated : 31 Jan, 2023
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ALZip is an all-in-one application for compression and archiving that is quick and simple to use. ALZip is the only ZIP utility you’ll ever need because it supports more compression and archiving formats than any other significant program. The ALZip offers its own file format, called “EGG,” which has complete Unicode support and a superior compression ratio. Additionally, users can create 8 archive and compression file formats, create self-extracting files (EXE), split files for easy transfers, encrypt files with AES-256, integrate antivirus software, automate tasks with ALZip command-line functions, and get more done faster. Users can also open 40 archive and compression file formats.

Advantages of ALZip

The creators of ALZip assert that EGG has a number of benefits over that program, including Unicode support and effective compression that makes use of the commonalities between data in different files contained in the same archive.

Installition of ALZip

Step 1: We will Download the ALZip.exe file in windows using the below link,



Step 2: We will run the .exe file in windows and accept the License Agreement and click the next button



Step 3: We will Select the installation location and click the next button.



Step 4: We will Select the Shortcut setting and click the next button.



Step 5: The Software is ready to install click the install button.



Step 6: The installation is started now wait 5 min.



Step 7: The installation is completed now click the close button.



The software is ready to use.



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