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How to Host WordPress Videos ?

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  • Last Updated : 20 May, 2022
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Now a day video plays a major role in engaging with the audience, as most brands and creators are using video to engage with their targeted audience. If you are using the WordPress website then you have a question in your mind that the WordPress will host the videos or not? Yes, WordPress can host videos, but directly hosting videos to your WordPress website will slow down your website and causes the server to load. As the videos take high-cost bandwidth and hence decrease the performance of your website.

In this article, we are going to see how we can upload videos on the WordPress website and also see some methods so that the video doesn’t affect your website performance. 

Why you should not upload video directly to the WordPress website:

Uploading video directly to WordPress may increase the load on your server unless you are using the best server which would take the load of your high content bandwidth video. If someone plays the video on your server it may strain your server more than the images and text on your website. It slower your website and decreases the user experience and hence affects your overall SEO.

Now let’s see how we can host or stream video on your WordPress website:

Embedding video Using the third party platform: You can use the third-party platform to host your video and then embed it on your WordPress website so that the video doesn’t affect your site performance and hence proves in better user experience by using the platform such as YouTube, Video, etc. because the third part already optimizes your video and shows according to the user’s net connectivity and the type of device.

Let’s see how to embed video using the third party platform:

Step 1: For embedding video to your website first you have to upload it on a third-party platform such as YouTube or any platform that you like.

Step 2: Copy the link to the video where you have uploaded it. Click on share and then copy the link.

Click on copy the link will be copied.

Step 3: Paste this link into your WordPress website page where you want to show the video to your users. you can embed it new post or you can embed it on any page you want both the process is the same. here we are going to see how to embed the video on the page of our website but it is also the same for the post.

Click on pages and then click on edit to embed the link on the page.

Step 4: Click on Add block to add the Youtube Video link on the page.

Now choose the Youtube section to add the Youtube video link.

Step 5: After choosing the Youtube section, paste the link of your video which you have copied.

After copying the video link click on the Embed button.

Step 6: After embedding the video click on the update button and your video is ready to watch on your website.

Now your video is ready to watch.

Uploading Video Directly to WordPress Website:

Uploading video to WordPress is the same as uploading the images to the media library of WordPress, you can directly upload the video to the media library or video block to the page and posts. 

Let’s see step by step how we can upload the video to the WordPress without using any third party platform:

Step 1: Hover over the media section and then click on Library.

Step 2: And then click on new to upload the video on WordPress.

Step 3: Now click on select files to select the video from your computer.

Here your video is successfully uploaded to your WordPress website.

Step 4: Now you can use your uploaded video to your post and pages where ever you want to show it. here I’m going to show you how to add the video to the post. The method for adding the video to the page of your website is also the same.

hover over the media and then click on Add New.

Step 5: Then click on Add Block section to add the video.

Step 6: Now choose the video block to add the video that you have uploaded to the media library.

Step 7: Choose the video which you have uploaded to the media library.

After choosing the video click on the select button.

Step 8: After selecting the video click on publish button to successfully host the video on your WordPress website.

Step 9: Finally your video is ready to watch on your WordPress website.

This is how you can host the video on WordPress websites.

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