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How To Fix reCAPTCHA Not Working?

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To prevent malicious malware from abusing your website, reCAPTCHA employs an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges. False users will be barred while real users can log in, make purchases, access pages, or create accounts. It also helps to protect the website from hacking or cyberattack. This is being used with some more advanced checking technologies by many organizations. This reCAPTCHA can only be accessed by the manual process. Any script program or any hacker can’t able to pass out the reCAPTCHA facility. For moving inside the webpage, they need to click on the reCAPTCHA manually. Otherwise, it will not be allowed to move inside the webpage.

Benefits of reCAPTCHA

  • It is based on knowledge gained from defending millions of sites for more than ten years
  • It allows you to check the legitimacy of an interaction without involving the user
  • It is models of risk particular to a company
  • It is risk-based progression (such as 2FA Support)
  • It is Superior risk scoring
  • Use the “I’m not a robot” checkbox or Invisible reCAPTCHA to confirm users.

Often it is being used many times. With the help of certain devices, we used to click on every reCAPTCHA without any hesitation. But clicking on the reCAPTCHA will store some junk files on the device. The spam files will store on the device & hampers its performance. After some time, whenever the user going to click on the reCAPTCHA, it will not work. Maybe it can’t able to take the reCAPTCHA. Or sometimes it prompts a random error message to the user. For coming out of this problem, we need to remove the junk flies. But they are not visible. So, we have to follow a special path there.

Steps to fix reCAPTCHA Problem

Step 1: At first, we need to check whether the Chrome Browser is up-to-date or not. Sometimes, this issue arises due to an old version of Chrome browser. So, for that, we need to go to the settings of the Chrome browser. By clicking on the three dots on the screen.

Chrome Browser


Step 2: Now, we have to move to the About Chrome Section. The section is placed on the left-hand side of the screen. We need to click on that.

About Chrome


Step 3: After clicking on that, we will find the status of the Google Chrome version. If it is up-to-date, then we don’t need to perform any task. If it is not updated, it will automatically start updating. We have to wait till the process is completed.

Chrome Update


Step 4: After completing all the tasks, we need to open the Command Prompt as an administrator. There, we need to execute the below-mentioned command. This command will help to delete all the junk files that are related to the reCAPTCHA. After executing that, we will find a successful message.

Command: ipconfig /flushdns
Command Prompt


Step 5: Now, after that, we need to execute a second command. This command will help to save the changes made to the device. It will reset & make those changes permanent to the device. This command will help to maintain the storage of the junk files related to the reCAPTCHA. After executing the command, we will find a successful message. After executing this command, we have to restart the machine to complete the process.

Command: netsh winsock reset
Command Prompt


Hence, we have successfully fixed the reCAPTCHA not working problem in the device.

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Last Updated : 03 Mar, 2023
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