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How to enable WebGL on Chrome?

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  • Last Updated : 25 Apr, 2022
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In chrome, we have a JavaScript API that is used for rendering (2D and 3D)graphics known as WebGL(Web Graphics Library). Rendering can be done remotely or locally. If the image to be rendered is too complex, then rendering is done remotely on a dedicated server. This type of rendering is also known as server-based rendering. Rendering can also be done locally by the CPU, known as client-based rendering. Types of rendering:

  • Software Rendering: In software rendering, all the rendering calculations are done with the help of the CPU(Central Processing Unit).
  • Hardware Rendering: In hardware rendering, all the graphics computations are done by the GPU(Graphical processing unit).

WebGL generally follows a client-based rendering approach to render 3D scenes. All the processing required to get a particular image is performed locally with the help of the client’s graphics hardware. In most cases, it is supported by Google Chrome. But if it is not supported on your browser, you can check the points given below.

Enabling WebGL on Google Chrome 

To enable WebGL on Google Chrome follows these steps:

Step 1: Click on the three dots of your chrome browser(present in the top right corner).




Step 2: Click on Settings(Scroll down).



Step 3: Click on the System.



Step 4: Now click on the option to use hardware acceleration when available and enable it.


Step 5: Type chrome://flags/ in your browser and press Enter key.


Step 6: Type WebGL on the search bar.



Step 7: Enable WebGL Draft Extensions. 



Step 8: Click on ‘relaunch’  appears in your browser window 10 and then add the Vysor extension in your browser. After this step, your WebGL will start working on your chrome browser. 



Step 9: If still, it shows you the error then you need to choose Vysor. And then click on CONNECT USB DEVICE. After this step, you will not get the error “WebGL is not supported”.


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